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How to identify the fake Client?



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if someone is asking to directly inbox do not text them.!! (that is scammers) 

if someone wants a themes of plugins just for $5 and say they needed original license, remember that is also a scammers.

when someone mention (i will report your profile) if you sent me a request, that means they was posted buyer requests cause they need improve their response time, 

when you get more times activated on fiverr, you will get understand, which one is real and which one fake


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1 hour ago, mtnovi said:

How to find out Real a Buyer Request?

Take into serious consideration the scope of the work entailed in the request and the listed price for the job. That alone will eliminate around 85% of the requests listed and will save you a massive migraine from dealing with the worst of the worst buyers/scammers who want massive amounts of work done for an insulting pittance.

Other giveaways are if the request demand a free sample of work provided to them, contact off site, or attach a strange/malicious file to the request.

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