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Thank you for having a fuctional support system with a higher level of human interaction


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I ventured out a bit, and didn't have a pleasant experience--at all. As someone whose worked face-to-face with the general public for 15 years, I found it especially unnerving to go through circular, automated support systems only to find documentation unrelated to very important questions and not be able to get in touch with a living, breathing, and intelligent human being.

I think if I were to make a suggestion, it would be to continue having the option for Fiverr users to contact a person. Or, at the very least, make any future AI componets more intelligent than the average person.

Thank you, again!

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As much as I agree that it's a good idea on paper, can you imagine the opening message?

"Thank you for calling Fiverr Customer Support.
For English, press 1
Para español, presione 2
Pour le français, faites le 3
Für Deutsch drücken Sie 5
... [(etc. etc.)]"

(Using Google Translate for those.)

Even if they set up different numbers to call for the different languages, you KNOW people are going to call the wrong ones, then complain about it, despite it being their own fault. Fiverr being global is great for cultural diversity, but it's a pain when it comes to scope creep in a business aspect. 

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