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What is the reason for not founding buyer request?



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6 hours ago, dev_farhanraj said:

Sometimes I have been not able to find any buyer requests. What can I do in this case?

You can do nothing to obtain more buyer requests. Perhaps now would be a good time to start branching out, and start looking in other places for clients as well. I recommend starting wherever your target customers are located.

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Guest nur_mohammad_20
22 hours ago, imdashik33 said:

Without getting level you always faced that issue here. So, it's better to refresh your buyer request section sometimes and also try to improve your gigs tags here. 



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I can see that you're don't have any level as a seller now.

You will get the those buyer requests only where 10 sellers without level didn't send the offer yet.

Whenever, 10 seller without level sent offer, that buyer request will not be showing to any other seller without level anymore.

So be proactive and check frequently for a buyer request to be one of the 10 to send the offer.

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