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  1. Please reach this marketplace customer support team member there, they will assist you...
  2. It's better your buyer can communicate with this marketplace customer support team there.
  3. Without getting level you can see much more requests here. So, it's better you can follow this brother's instructions...
  4. Please check this article. Hope this helps...
  5. Sometimes this marketplace didn't notice this but if they check your account and then they find another person's payment method there then they will take an action there. So, it's better you can use your own methods and you can remove your previous one...
  6. Without getting level you can't get much more buyers to request here. Also, check this brother's instruction here: hope this helps...
  7. From my side: After sending the delivery here, I always use this way " Please don't forget to share your feedback here. If you share your feedback here then I can generate more sales"
  8. Yes, you can use these call features but make sure that features showing on your order page there...
  9. Don't worry Brother. You just need to inform this marketplace customer support member and share your buyer's activities with screenshots then they will help you... Remember one thing, without extra charges you can't do extra work for him and also this marketplace e with the support you. Just write in details everything to them then they will help you and solve your current issues there.
  10. You can't share any personal information there. If you did then you will get a warning there.
  11. Did you ever link another account with this same Payoneer account? If yes, then you need to remove that previous one first then you need to add this new one here. Or, if not then you need to reach this marketplace support center.
  12. It's not deleted it will be showing that same place there...
  13. Please reach this marketplace customer support center and also tell them about your issues there. Then they will cancel this order and also mention to them there was not your fault, So don't change my order completion rate there...
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