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  1. Can anyone describe me briefly "What is Gig Impression?

  2. Thanks Bro. I have got the notification but I could not understand clearly about it that time. You make it clear. Best wishes for you.
  3. Thanks a lot. I also know the wrong before that if I active on forum it will show active on Fiverr.
  4. At first thanks who asked this question and then thanks to all who replied the reality of this question. I also know the wrong before reading the answer of this question.
  5. If you have completed your job by Buyer requirement, you should delivered your project before time left. If buyer need any kind of modification after delivery, he will request you for revision.
  6. Try to active most of the time in Fiverr.
  7. Fear price means write your adjust your service so that buyer will keen to get your service.
  8. My Gig Impression and Click are increasing since last 2 days. But I don't gain any order. Is Is it harmful for my gig?

    1. zanrakim


      No. There is no problem for that.

  9. I have also a regular buyer. Actually, I am totally new at Fiverr. She was my first buyer. Till now, my 80% order come from him. So, provide your best service.
  10. You can send buyer request by this there has a great opportunity to get buyer at first time. I also got my first buyer from buyer request.
  11. Thanks. You always write very nice article.
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