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Found 12 results

  1. I've been wanting to remove my Payoneer account and add another one instead. I will probably do it anytime soon. But my question is, if I remove a payoneer account, will I be able to use that removed account in another Fiverr account again?
  2. We Are working As like a employee.So we have request to open fiverr prize bond lottery on ever year celebration.I think every body agree with me.
  3. Hello Fiverr Community, I just want to know the reason Why Gigs Are De-ranked even without getting a single sales Because these case has been very rampant on all my Fiverr Account These Days And I will be Glad I Have A Reasonable And Suitable Answer for This. Thanks.
  4. I just noticed under the fiverr seller resources that there's a fiverr seller plus profile. I don't know if the feature is available on fiverr already. Anybody knows about this?
  5. Hi, I am Raf, I work on Fiverr as a graphic designer and got a couple of orders on my profile. But now I want to change the main niche to the website developer. Are there any cons if I do that?. Because recently I have uploaded a gig on website development and then all my gigs impressions gone to absolute zero. is that any sort of bug or should I open a new account and start it all from scratch? I need help from you guys. help out a fellow freelancer.
  6. i started new on fivver. for the first day everything was fine. from yesterday I am facing difficulty to increase my impressions. whereas the day before I had increased my impressions
  7. Hello Fiverr Community, I'm a new here and I'm curious to know how to make earnings on this amazing platform. My vision is the deliver excellent and satisfactory projects to buyers. But I'm yet to get my vision to reality. If you have any tips to give I'm ready to learn. Thank you all! Thank you Fiverr! Best Regards
  8. Gig Visibility Issue. 2 days back, I was creating a new gig on Fiverr and I wanted to save it as a draft. Unfortunately, it went publish and I knew the gig wasn't optimized correctly. Because of not having any option to make my public gig draft, I just paused that gig for 1 day. And in the next day, I optimized the gig's description, FAQ section and again set it as an active gig. But now the problem is my gig is not showing up in search results, what can I do about it? Any solution pls...
  9. I have a 6 months old gig in which i completed two order. But after getting one review my gig showing in first page with a low competitive long tail keyword! Bu i don’t get any knock on this gig! My question is, "can my gig be rank with High competitive keyword after completing some order"?
  10. Sometimes I have been not able to find any buyer requests. What can I do in this case?
  11. Hi guys. So i wanted to ask that can we make multiple gigs of the same category. I have seen hundreds of sellers doin this without getting any warnings. Any tips on how to do it. My category is writing and translation and sub category is transcripts.This is my fiverr gig. Would appreciate some tips for improvement on this too. https://www.fiverr.com/share/7KR7Xa Thankyou😊
  12. I asked some guys how can I stay online 24/7? Let me know if it uses Auto Refresh and Android apps to activate 24/7. My question is if I use auto refresh in the browser or application to activate 24/7 online, will it be a violation of fiverr's rules
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