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It's Fiverr, not Fiber.

Try to look into some tips first on the forum and see how it will work for you. Then you can ask further suggestions on your gig.

A quick look into your gig description:


➤I will provide 24-hour free support

➤The client was satisfied with me as much as l have been doing before

➤I’ll give you a free revision as many time as you want

What do you mean by 24 hour free support -- forever?

What do you mean by the client was satisfied? Satisfaction guaranteed I think is your intended message.

Also don't offer unlimited revisions, people will abuse that. 

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Gig impressions & clicks depend on the things you created in the gig. Try to create unique elements for gig. 

Researching & thinking will help you find better elements.

Use decent, minimal & appealing images for gig thumbnail. (Those impress buyers)

(You can get idea from other seller's gig. But don't copy!)

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Now that you are selling your services on Fiverr, I will suggest

1) Share them on social media channels & also post your service that you are offering here on Fiverr, in this way you can attract some clients, Link your gig on social media account

2) Lookout for keywords, that will help you get substantial impressions or clicks

3) You can leave one of your window with Fiverr tab open, but do check them once every one or two hour & Logoff when you are going  for bed./sleep

4) Hire digital marketer who will promote your social media account for Fiverr gigs

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Sadly you can't cancel or set a time limit to buyer request like the custom offer we did & one should be very careful while giving the Price & delivery deadline , Don't just reduce the price / delivery deadline only for getting order , there is no chance to edit - If the buyer just place order , order will automatically get started right after that . Then the only solution to escape from this mess is cancelling the order ... That's why it's always recommended to double check everything before sending a buyer request .

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