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  1. Are you getting zero impression? Can you please post with an SS of your impression graph? (This topic is in a wrong category, you might have an option to switch the category. If you do please switch the category to 'Improve My Gig')
  2. Welcome to fiverr. Don't forget to read articles in Fiverr Help & Education. Hope you will find the best tips there. (Now I'm on phone, that’s why I can't share)
  3. Welcome to Fiverr read this article https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010992257-Top-10-Tips-for-New-Fiverr-Sellers Hope you will learn something. Try to minimize posting. you could post those in one.
  4. Why did you copy that? Those are not suggestions. I asked him those things.
  5. Are you serious! What would you suggest for remaining 4 hours? Sleep 3 hours Eating time total in a day 20 mins Taking bath 10 mins other works 30 mins
  6. That's right. Check frequently for buyer request send offers regarding what service they want, utilize words in buyer request.
  7. Create an optimized gig, Then it will perform on its way! Quick Suggestion: Create formative title, Don't use too much words. Try to make shorter In description utilize every word. Put keywords appropriately. Make it easy to read. Design appealing image previews. Put your work samples instead of describing services. (You got description to do that) Don't use tags without researching on them.
  8. Welcome to Fiverr Check this this out https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010451397-Creating-a-Gig?segment=seller And also check the other valuable articles in there.
  9. Sad to see that maximum number of you are giving wrong advice. How can a person be always online? Is making money more important than health?
  10. Welcome to Fiverr Check this out Tips for new sellers
  11. Welcome to Fiverr Before getting started you can follow below articles. To create a gig https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010451397-Creating-a-Gig?segment=seller 10 tips for new sellers: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010992257-Top-10-Tips-for-New-Fiverr-Sellers
  12. I took a quick glance into your gig. You got one image preview into your gig, You can add more image previews (3 JPEG & 2 PDF). Use work samples instead of service description. Hope it will get more attractions.
  13. Welcome to Fiverr. Read this article tips for new sellers also read other articles there.
  14. I've been looking into your gig. You completed 6 tasks under this gig (may be more than 6) & 1 order in queue. Don't worry, let the gig get impression as it is getting orders.
  15. If you want advertise your gig, you should post in 'My Fiverr Gig' category.
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