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Fiverr first order!

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1 hour ago, uchihashahin01 said:

I think you posted this twice, remove one will be appreciateable

Yeah you are right first time it's not approved, then i i will try again in another catagory. Ok i will try to remove it if is possible.

Thank you

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14 hours ago, dev_tanmoy said:

From gig creation date How many days later you can get your first order? Please share your new seller first order experience in few words for Motivation.


Thank you😊

I got my first order from buer requests after sending 100++ within 2 weeks.

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13 hours ago, maezma85 said:

Being able to receive orders can be done from day one but it will depend a lot on luck. You can send your proposal to buyer requests or wait for someone to see your ad and hire it.

Thanks for your sajetion 😊

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