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  1. Yeah I will try much time, but it's not works.
  2. I am searching the gig with my gig focus keyboard, my gig is visible there, but if I am using the online seller filter even though I am online, then it is no longer visible. What could be the reason for this?
  3. Yeah you are right, I think maximum of byear like short description. (Note: I don't have practical experience it's my thoughts only)
  4. Is the order are getting through Using this buyer request? Kindly waiting for your reply.
  5. This was very truthful answer as I expected from you. Truly say you have amazing personality.
  6. Very informative thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š But are you sure this is effective as well?
  7. Thank for your sajetion. I don't have enough knowledge about it, can you provide me the direction? How should I contact...
  8. Thank you for your feedback. Can you provide me some suggestion that what should I have to do or what should I have to change? I am waiting for your informative reply.
  9. contact fiverr customar care and tall i want to do deactive my account
  10. thanks for this particular info
  11. digitalavinash I need your help can you give me your some time?
  12. Yeah! you are right it's working fine on mobile, But it's not working well on desktop version.
  13. I solved my problem by changing the browser. first I use chrome browser there have some problem and Now I can use brave browser its quite better then chrome.
  14. Thank to you for giving us this kind of information ๐Ÿ˜Š
  15. Hi, I am a web developer and new seller on Fiverr. Almost 14 days ago i am creating my account with YouTube video's help. I don't have mentor to guide I am doing wrong or right. I just following some steps which is provided by them. Now i have some doubt on myself Because I don't get a single order yet? Am I going on wrong path? I am creating my gig following every steps but I don't know it's work or not? I am dally send 10 buyer request but no reply now how should I know when it's work? Have My profile or gig any problems to didn't working good? If possible then check my profile https://fiverr.com/dev_tanmoy and give some suggestions what & where I have to change and improve? Please guide me as a mentor. Weating for the valueable feedback. Best regards Tanmoy
  16. How to keep patience and doing here working?

  17. Thank But I will try everything but it not working eat
  18. How! Can you tell me the proses. I am new here and don't have an idea about customer support Thanks for your sajetion.
  19. I can try both options even using right details but it never worked ๐Ÿ˜”
  20. When I try to login in my forum account on pc it should failed every time and redirect to a sign in page (see attachment) And when I try here to login with correct details However, it is not able to login. what is the problem and what should i do? Or how do contact whit customer care about this topic. Positive response expected (I am using my mobile to create this post)
  21. No problem but its better to create quick. Even if you can create your 2nd gig after 1 months, it's that much effective like first one.
  22. I think this is give me more motivation to do more Heard work. It was amazing information for me. Thanks a lot to provide me this information ๐Ÿ˜Š.
  23. When I am posting a topic by mistake it post two times through add tags so is forum have any option to delete one post or topic? I am catch this problem in second time, did not mind it happened by mistake. Thank you everyone for helping me every moment.
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