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  1. Yes i have those orders are well. I already have that kind of experience as i i said i already top rated seller 2 years ago but due to some bad experience i lost that badge. When you place the order we must need to clear understanding so 90% changes of order cancelled decreased.
  2. Just do you 100% in the work what ever the situation is and focus on the quality of the work no matter what ever it is and what ever the budget of the order is.
  3. Good Day Everyone! The most waiting notification arrived today. Today, I have achieved the Level Top Seller position after hard work from the last 2 Years (I got badge after 2 years earlier i was also top rated seller too but due to some bad experience i lost that badge so finally back very excited to start this new journey again).
  4. Please check the earning section where you can review everything.
  5. Unfortunately, There is no any shortcuts to get the fast orders.
  6. Yes many of us also facing the same situation but we need to accepts the ups and downs. Just stay positive provide 100% on the orders which are running currently. I am following the same.
  7. You must need to use your valid identity provide all necessary documents and contact to CS
  8. I would suggest from my perspective first discuss with client he is agrees and do some solutions to gather with client. If he still deny then suggest cancel the order we can again boost our level again but negative reviews put major impact in account.
  9. Your first mistake why you have started work with your placing the order ? Without order why you are directly sending the video ? You can send your query with all proof to fiver support regarding this but i think they will tell you the same.
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