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  1. You should also research your competetive gig's. NOTE: Don't copy them. Just follow them & get idea. Thank you
  2. If I block any buyer, Can he do something bad for my account or can he report the customer support on my account?
  3. Some YouTubers have created some videos that if you are active more in the forum you will get more orders. That's why some sellers think that.
  4. Don't be hopeless. One day you will succeed. Be optimistic. Find out your mistake & work on it. Best of luck
  5. Of course, your profile picture is pretty good. You can keep it.
  6. I don't think he blocked you. Maybe there is some technical issue. Be patient, hopefully, it will be fine.
  7. Wow, that's great. Please keep it up & complete it very well. Hopefully, You will do well in the future.
  8. Congratulations Brother. Just keep it up.
  9. Congratulation Brother. That's a great achievement. Hopefully, You will go ahead. Best of luck
  10. congratulation Bro. A truly motivational story. Yes, NEVER GIVE UP
  11. congratulation brother. Hopefully, I will be getting it in the next month. so please keep praying for me.
  12. It's very great. It means your service is very quality full. Best of luck. Keep doing well.
  13. Do your best to give proper service. Best of luck
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