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Waitlisted for Promoted Gigs

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I got the promoted gig feature three months ago though I didn't use it ever as I got orders regularly. But today when I entered to turn on this feature of promoted gig, I have seen this writings that says, 'We've waitlisted you for Promoted Gigs'. Why did this happen? Will this feature come again?

(Note: recently I cancelled two orders and my order completion rate is now under 90%) 

ss of waitlisted.png

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1 hour ago, sonyteam said:

well done gig with better description

2 weeks later you have this nonsense to add?

Do you even know how the site works? No. You. Don't.

You cannot even be bothered to fully read and understand a post.

If you DID know how the site works, you would realize that his not being able to promote his Gig at this time has NOTHING to do with a "well done gig with better description". It has to do with him having cancelled orders and a completion rate below 90%.

Please take a seat and stop polluting the forum with your waste.


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