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Found 15 results

  1. I have used many times fiverr promoted feature. But last month, I got good result and and huge benefit to use this feature. So everyone try to use this best CPC. Thanks Abdul Kaium Shop Analysis and Marketing Specialist
  2. Hello Community, Can someone help give me any advice in order to get some orders? What should I change? Or add? And how can I let people know about my Gig. Thank you in advance. https://www.fiverr.com/share/5Vzvy6
  3. Hello there, I had a gig that available promoting. But recently I change my gig category and now it says ( Not promotable (Ineligible) ). Do you know how we can bring it back for promote? If I contact customer support will they help? Thank you for your time, 🙇‍♂️ Sandeepa.
  4. Hi Community, Hope you are well, I am abdeljabare and have been providing video editing services on Fiverr for the last three years. One of my gig (short videos) was in "promoted gigs" and I was generating a lot of income from it. But today a sudden message comes that "Your Gigs cannot be promoted right now. We'll notify you as soon as this changes. " The big problem is when they stopet promoted gig option, the gig is denied as the screen show i got 0 clicks all the month one more thing, I contact the support many times please if anyone know the solution??? Regards: abdeljabare
  5. Suddenly, My Gig promotion was stopped and all gig are downgraded though one of my gigs was in first page and now it is in last page, What should I do to rank it again.
  6. Hey guys, so i was having an problem regardless Promoted Gigs feature keep in mind it was disabled for more then 4 months, however i got it back on 4 of march i got a good amount of orders i delivered all of them then out of the sudden it's got disabled once again on 14 of march, i don't really understand what is that? I delivered the orders all of of them with good quality and on time with 5 star review too! I'm not sure why Fiverr always trying to pushing me away. I'm a level 2 seller with over 800 reviews! it's became so frustrating to be honest.
  7. Hi i am eligible for promoted gigs option. I started using it. But its costing me more than the revenue my gigs are generating from it. How to over come this problem. Is there any better strategy ?
  8. Did anyone face this issue? It Fiverr promoted gigs, I was feeling lucky to have it and I was right for 1 month when I was getting orders from promoted gigs and my organic ranking but things changed after a month when the promoted gigs get unqualified. I didn't think that these promoted gigs also remove your organic rank, my gig was at top of page 1 but as soon the promoted gigs get unqualified it just ended my freelance career on Fiverr. The below screenshot shows that when the ads get qualified the stats rise whether you turn them on or not. It means that promoted gigs totally kill my organic reach and didn't let it rank again if it's unqualified. Help would be much appreaciated. Thanks
  9. Hello, I am facing a problem. I need your help. I have 16 in my fiverr account. I want to add it to the dollars of Promoted Gigs. But I can't do it. How can I add dollars without any kind of cards?
  10. when my gig promotion is turn off and after the next day my whole accounts gigs are de ranked from the first page to the last (20) page. and sometime cannot show , ( fiver support cannot help me to solve the problem ) . Now i am waiting form the last 30 days to get back into normal , The only solution of the problem is when you gig get back the promotion . My 3 friends face the same issue and their gigs come back in the first page after 10,34,45 days without doing any changing on the gig. Anyone know the solution plz let me know , my earning is now zero from the last month after the gig promotion turn off. My performance performance is 100% and 5 star . i ma very disappointed with this fiver new promotional gig option . i am working with fiver from the last 2 years
  11. Hi everyone, am soo excited to share this news that i promoted to LEVEL 2 😃 sooo sooo soo sooo happy😁
  12. Hey There!! Is there a possibility of losing rank if i edit the gig? Thanks
  13. I got the promoted gig feature three months ago though I didn't use it ever as I got orders regularly. But today when I entered to turn on this feature of promoted gig, I have seen this writings that says, 'We've waitlisted you for Promoted Gigs'. Why did this happen? Will this feature come again? (Note: recently I cancelled two orders and my order completion rate is now under 90%)
  14. Thanks, Fiverr, I have been promoted to level one seller today. Thanks to all Fiverr forum members who inspire us.
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