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Are search tags useless? or I am missing something?


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I will keep this simple, my main GIG is for producing 3D product commercial, title: “I will produce 3d product commercial”, search tags: “Animation, product, commercial, 3D, CGI”.

Surprisingly, my gig has no place in 5 pages when you search “product animation”. It only appears when you search “product commercial”.

Does Fiverr’s search engine only consider the title? no keyword, no tags, no description?


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I think it does consider the search tags (though in the past I couldn’t find my gig by one of mine), maybe the first search tags are given more weight than the last ones. But it probably gives a lot more weight to the gig title than the search tags. It also takes into account related words I think.

If you added “animation” to the gig description it might give that word more weight in the search results.

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@uk1000 The description has all related keywords.

@genuineguidance I added a 2 words tag, I don’t know if this has an instant impact on the search or not, as nothing changes in search results.

he description has all related keywords.

When I said it takes related words into account, though it does it doesn’t take all of them into account. Maybe it looks at how related it is (sort of like a thesaurus).

eg. if you search for “compositing” it will find gigs with just “composite”. If you search for “colour” it won’t necessarily find gigs with “color”.

I still think adding “animation” to the description will add weight to that word for the search rank (even though it’s already in the search tag). Also the fact it was the 4th search tag rather than the 1st search tag probably gave it less weight in the search tags than it could have had.

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