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  1. I see the buyer request is good enough to send 1 or 2 offers every week (from my experience). In the past, I didn't bother send an offer when the buyer already got +5 offers. After posting few requests of my own, now I send an offer even if the buyer already got +30 offers.
  2. $5 client: Wants an update every hour and 20 revision per minute. $5000 client: This is the brief, see you later. Been there.
  3. I believe pricing is a formula. Entry Price + ( Variable Price * Value) Entry Price is the cost of the basic stuff that you do with every project, no matter the project is (of course projects under the same category). For example, if you do logo design, your entry price should cover you going from and to the office, firing up the PC/Mac/Potato, your average* cost for electricity, internet fees, etc. Variable Price is an hourly based pricing, you can check the universal average hourly rate of logo design and multiply it by your personal rate (For example if you are new designer with a small expertise, your personal rate should be from 0.8 to 1.2, if you are a level 999 designer your rate will be 2.0 or above..). Value is a multiplier too (x1, x5, x10,..) based on: 1- The value of the client. Doing a logo for Nike is not the same as doing a logo for your butcher. 2- The value of the product you are making for the client and the risk you are taking. How important is the logo for the client? What if the logo fails? What will your client lose if the logo is failure, and how will it impact you, etc. So the price is = Entry Price + (Hourly rate * personal rate * value). * Average: how many projects you can handle a month and how much fees do you have, divide this by that.
  4. First: You should hide his username. Second: Buyer requests are only seen by sellers, so he is not being hired, he is hiring. Third: Maybe he needs a hand on a project he is working on, that's why he is looking for another designer to help him.
  5. I can make a motion graphics animation to introduce yourself and your work, with a voice over. Not necessarily a sample video with subtitles.
  6. I didn't receive a rejection email, and I can't edit my application. My application was submitted late 2019. I don't think I will receive the approval or rejection now.
  7. Hi, I submitted my application to Fiverr Pro on Oct 11 2019. It says "0 of 0 tasks complete", and I can't add supporting documents. Since then, I didn't receive any update from Fiverr about my application. My question: Can I apply again to Fiverr Pro? Thanks
  8. I am running an i7-9700K, 32 ram, 2 Tb SSD, 4 TB HDD, 8 TB external HDD, 1080Ti FTW3, triple monitors, razer cynosa keyboard and cooler master mouse, and a mini wacom. I am waiting for the perfect moment to change my setup, I need the new ryzen with at least 64 ram, if not 128, and I aim to put my hands on a 3080Ti.
  9. A very challenging project and a very generous client. 😁
  10. Before writing a proposal: Make sure you are interested in the project, and make sure the budget specified by the buyer is on your safe range. For example if the budget is $100 for a certain job, and you usually do that job for $120, then the budget is in a safe range. If the budget is ridiculously low, don't send a proposal (obviously). Make sure you have read the request, and make sure you have seen attached files (if there is any). Make sure you can do the job. While writing a proposal: Don't start your proposal with "Dear buyer", "Dear Sir/Madame", or "Respected buyer" etc.. It's annoying, say "Hi" and move on. Introduce yourself briefly, and if the buyer is seeking a logo designer, tell them you are a logo designer, no need for listing all your "skills". In two or three sentences, describe what and how you will do to complete the project. No harm in reading the request again. Make sure you are writing proper English, use proper verbs and sentences. No one is perfect, but good grammar means good communication. If you find something unclear in the request, ask about it. This means you did read the request and you are into the project. Don't offer unlimited revisions, you are not a slave, and we both know you can't physically offer unlimited revisions. Write "I will work for you until you satisfy 100% (No extra charge)" on a paper and set it on fire. Mention a useful comment about the attached files (if there is any). Don't offer low costs, you should put a fair price for you and for the buyer. Be reasonable. If the buyer wants a job done for $100 and in 10 days, don't offer him to do the job for $10 and in 1 day with unlimited revisions. The list can go on but I have a cat to feed. After writing a proposal: Move on with your life. Don't stop improving your skills and portfolio. Don't use an extension to refresh your browser to stay online 24/7. Don't put all your hopes and dreams on that job. Don't send 10 proposals daily just because you can. Only send proposal to project you are interested in. My cat is screaming, I have to go.
  11. What if you have a client from outside of fiverr, discuss project outside of fiverr, but place the project in fiverr?
  12. I had problem few weeks ago that I can't find my gig when searching with keywords, or even in the category page. But it fixed now.
  13. What information? That rat is a legend 😆
  14. Does cheap mean better? Do you rather hire a good seller with high rate or a seller with low rate? Do you know anything about value-based pricing? Are advising to exploit new sellers to do jobs for low rate?
  15. I spent around $20 after the gifted promotion and I got a $1.5K project. I can't tell if the promotion was fruitful or it was a happy coincidence. I spent another $20, got hundreds of impressions and around 40 click, 0 order though. I stoped using promotion because my gig doesn't show on any page when searching the keywords (the keywords are literally the gig's title).
  16. @uk1000 The description has all related keywords. @genuineguidance I added a 2 words tag, I don’t know if this has an instant impact on the search or not, as nothing changes in search results.
  17. Hello, I will keep this simple, my main GIG is for producing 3D product commercial, title: “I will produce 3d product commercial”, search tags: “Animation, product, commercial, 3D, CGI”. Surprisingly, my gig has no place in 5 pages when you search “product animation”. It only appears when you search “product commercial”. Does Fiverr’s search engine only consider the title? no keyword, no tags, no description? Thanks
  18. I have few suggestions to improve the seller’s experience, I don’t know if Fiverr’s team do really takes seriously the suggestion on the forum, but I want to share it anyway. Buyer Request (Seller Side): Add Filters (Budget, number of offers, duration, country, the rank of the buyer, is or isn’t a previous client)After the selection of the right gig (selection should not be automatic), the price should automatically change (increase/decrease) when adding extras, for example, if I want to offer a revision, the amount I already set on my gig should be automatically added.Offer Description, please let me write a new line. Adding Bold and bullet list will be huge.When the project got accepted by another seller, the request should be automatically removed from BR (BR is for Buyer request, not Battle Royal, pun intended)If the buyer gets 10 offers, and declines 6 of them, I, as a seller, should see that the seller got 4 offers. Open room for more competition.If my offer was not selected and the buyer hired another seller, please notify me that the project is no longer available.Let me see the buyer’s profile, I don’t want to spend 15 minutes writing an offer and reviewing attached files for fraud. If you are afraid that sellers will contact buyers directly, I am sorry to tell you they already do, showing the name of the buyer on the mobile app and hide it on the desktop is not quite clever.Messages: Some clients require a phone or video call, please add a built-in call option, for all sellers, no matter what rank they have.Filter client messages too, don’t let them send their private contact to me.Order: One buyer should not order the same GIG more than once at a time, this loophole can destroy sellers.Promoted Gigs: If you offer me to promote my gigs, let me choose which gig I want to promote.I should not pay by clicks, I should pay by orders.Gig Metadata: Let me add a new meta, not just suggest it.Search tags: Improve the use of search tags, I have “3D” and “Commercial” on my gig’s tag, surprisingly, the gig doesn’t show up on 5 pages when searching “3D commercial”.Gallery: Let me choose between using a video or a photo as primary.Reviews as Seller: Let me choose to show or hide the price of a completed project.FINALLY, maybe, just maybe, consider projects paid per hour. Thank you.
  19. Thank you all for your feedback. @frank_d What makes it different from selling the commercial use license? As I understand, if you are making money with my work then you should pay for commercial use. Preventing me from showing the work I have done for you, to other people, will prevent me from winning similar projects. Again, I am not talking about 100% of my projects, some projects are more interesting than others. @enunciator How is this punishing? your example is very far from picturing the situation. I didn’t say I always charge more for not including the work, I said SOME projects. If my neighbor hires me to play football for $5 in private, no big deal. If Messi hires me for the exact same thing, he should pay more, because playing with him could make me the next football star, not letting me say I played with Messi will erase that chance. @ze_blender3d same thing different name @digeisapo one of us is missing a point here @smashradio another misleading example. If my local SODA company hired me to do their next CG commercial, and I share it in my portfolio, wouldn’t that give me a chance that Coca-Cola will hire me? If my local client didn’t let me share my work, I would never be recognized. Imagine if the world is built where you are not permitted to show your past work to new clients, will you even win a $5 contest? no.
  20. Sometimes a project does really give your portfolio a push, but some clients refuse to let you share their work in your portfolio or website. Personally, I ask for a +20% for my local clients when they don’t let me share the work on my portfolio. I do make an exception when I know the product is not going to be released any soon. Anyway, I want to know what you think about this. Should you charge more for not including the project in your portfolio? YesNoAgainst ToS0voters
  21. Don’t set your past work as a profile picture. Use better thumbnails, write proper English, and use punctuation. Take a good look at the forum.
  22. searching for answers is a good habit.
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