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I think that is basic condition because fiverr could not make sure when level 1 seller would pay back because they haven’t earned enough. Also there are more level1 sellers than level or top rated. Once fiverr allowed level 1 sellers the function, lots of money would go into a pot.
In a short word, higher level is credit to loan from fiverr.

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19 hours ago, laminetrack1 said:

Why you are being asked to pay so much in advance is unclear. In my opinion, you should think about changing stores. This also applies to banks that offer unprofitable terms.

Now the financial market is extremely large, and you can find something that suits you. So it would help if you treated this question more pragmatically. You may also find Mortgage Advice Derby helpful for financial transactions such as loans or mortgages. I often use an advisor because the cost of making a mistake is too high. The wrong bank can cause you to overpay a large amount of money.

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