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  1. On behalf of @lloydsolutions and myself, I say you are welcome. But I see you still have your scrapping gig up? :thinking: I removed the words from the gig description
  2. 😱 So, @kanggyong1 is offering services that are against Fiverr’s TOS! Yikes! Then @kanggyong1 you better :pray:t2: that CS does not notice you are offering services on Fiverr that are against their TOS when they investigate your ticket. It is best if you delete all gigs that are against TOS. If you do not you will receive a warning for each gig that breaks TOS and risk losing your account! Yes, I did. I just realized that it breaks TOS. Thank you for notifying me.
  3. Yes, all of his words do not make sense at all. I tried tried and tried to understand him but could not get a point from his words. Just wasted my hours. And I found only 2M people use Latvian Language 🙂
  4. Do this. Do not cancel through the Resolution Center. That way, you can ask Customer Service to cancel the order without it affecting your stats. Thank you for your answer. I did so. But his words and actions are making me out of control. I just submitted an article to receive comfort. And I don’t want other people to meet customers like this. Thank you for your advice.
  5. Thank you for your quick answer. I opened a ticked to cs but they are not responding for 24 hours. I know they might be busy. So I am still waiting before sending cancel request. But the order deadline almost reached. Anyway Thanks for your interest.
  6. One guy reached me with Latvian message. I replied immediately and said I could not understand him. About 40 days later he came back to me and left a message again like this. image656×599 26.3 KBAs you can see, he said “be so kind please reply” after 6 hours from the second contact. And then he placed an order with empty requirement. image720×378 13.6 KBJust 6 hours delay~ He does not know English at all and we could not communicate. image648×606 34.3 KBI asked him to explain about his requirements but he kept to say @#$%@#$@ I asked why he placed order without agreement of me. image1407×398 35.2 KBHe does not know what he wants to do. He placed an order just to talk with me.? I don’t want his money at all. no value. I want to cancel the order, however there were several times for accident orders cancelled. They all affected my completion rates. I contacted CS and waiting their response. How can I handle this issue?
  7. Sellers sometimes want to divide the big project into several parts. You can use milestone functionAlso you can create orders several times. (In this case seller can get multiple reviews from buyer)I think second option is more benefit to sellers. How do you think about that?
  8. Welcome. The best tip is just looking for tip in this forum. Nobody would write golden tip to this topic. Just search a specific articles and keep reading them.
  9. How does fiverr know what keywords you are focusing? It might be ranked in first page for a certain keywords but might not for other keywords.
  10. This is states of my promoted gigs for 90 days image595×674 16.9 KBThis is statues for last 30 days. image520×539 11.9 KBOverall, I seem to be seeing the effect.
  11. I always get prior balloon alert message. For example I get the message “The buyer marked the order as completed” when I should get “the buyer placed review on the order” something like that on the desktop web browser.
  12. Really bad seller, I feel ashamed at his behavior as same seller. But no worry about that. you can get fund back even though you marked the order as completed. Just contact CS and explain about that the seller did not work as promised and not responding with proof of chat.
  13. I think that they did not want to work with you when they said they would get back to you later. They refused you request gently. In general some buyers sometimes say that they have more work for the sellers when having negotiation on the project. You should think that there are many kinds of people in the world and the seller is one of them. Never disappoint at the thing and think positive. You will have more chance in the future.
  14. Welcome to fiverr. The only thing what I want to advice you is just studying via reading fiverr forum, especially seo on fiverr. First of all just keep your service qualified.
  15. You can extend delivery days with buyer’s agreement. Click on the [Visit the Resolution Center] image1011×312 18.6 KBThere are 3 options. Select highlighted one in the 2nd attached image. image726×277 8.88 KBAnd then write down the reason briefly why you should extended the delivery time. This will send a request to your buyer. Once he approved the request, you could get more days. This works even though the delivery time got expired. The first image shows that I extended time for delivery. 2 times.
  16. I think that is basic condition because fiverr could not make sure when level 1 seller would pay back because they haven’t earned enough. Also there are more level1 sellers than level or top rated. Once fiverr allowed level 1 sellers the function, lots of money would go into a pot. In a short word, higher level is credit to loan from fiverr.
  17. I had sometimes same errors before. In the case you should restart the web browser and remove all caches and relogin to fiverr. It will work.
  18. There is no minimum limitation for withdrawal but $5,000 maximum limitation. Also you can withdraw once a day (24hours) You can’t withdraw part of balance but only full balance.
  19. I did not mean you don’t those activities. I just mentioned that so many duplicated questions and answers in this forum. Some guys just start to ask question post in the forum without trying to find good answers to questions earlier asked. This decrease the forum quality.
  20. Because bored persons post continuously same questions. Before posting they should read the old answers and tips.
  21. Ummm, higher level sellers can get more opportunities is true. This is undeniable.
  22. There are not only many editors but also gigs related with photo editing in the fiverr. If you are starting your gig now, it’s quite hard to get first order because buyers could see nothing on your gig. So I advise you keep to publish your portfolios (2 images - before edition and after edition) to social medias (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) with your gig links. When those impressed the people, they will visit to your fiverr page and it will generate traffic to your gigs but also might bring an order. Good luck.
  23. Read this post My Story: $100,000 earned in my first year of being a seller Learn with reading this kind of post.
  24. There is no shortcut to improve your career in fiverr. Just study and try. This is only way. Read this article My Story: $100,000 earned in my first year of being a seller (not my story) Good luck.
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