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[EDIT: Solved] A new buyer seems confused. Hasn't accepted the order yet, nor responding


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EDIT: The delivery was accepted by the buyer. Thank you for your replies.

Hello Forum,
A few weeks ago, I had this person come up and send me their number to contact them. Their work/demand seemed genuine, but I didn’t reply to them after getting suggestions from the Forum.
2 days ago they messaged again. I told them that they can buy my gig but I can not contact you. They agreed. Order placed.
First of all, I messaged them for more details and I got them on the order chat page (images) without any added message.
I realize that this is their first Fiverr purchase ever. So I finished the job early and wanted to deliver early too. It was a 24 hours package, but I was ready to upload it in 6 hours. Before uploading, I thought let’s tell them about how accepting orders and all works on Fiverr. So I messaged them and they didn’t respond. So I didn’t deliver then.
After many hours, they replied that they just saw my message about asking for more details, which is not the message I was expecting. They should’ve read that long ago. And what about the recent message that “I am uploading the work now, let me guide you how this works”?. So they are obviously missing some messages and getting lost in Fiverr UI.
The next day, I delivered it anyhow because the time was running out. And put a brief about what accepting an order and revisions are.
Now it has been hours and I haven’t heard from them. They were online today, but haven’t accepted the order. I am hoping they don’t cancel the order, as my gig is already doing very bad in stats and I don’t want it to be affected.
Thank you.

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