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I send money but not get what i want


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I already paid him the amount that we agreed together, i just needed logo for my youtube channel and a banner that cost only 5 dollars at first if refers to rate cuz the design is simple, he give me samples but i accidentally hit the approve button, it should have been samples, then after that he didnt give me the high quality image for my logo i paid 20$. Untill now he doeant give me the high quality image which is the HD. Help me guys, I’m disappointed cause this is my first time purchased but he is dishonest and not responsible for my purchased, we agreed together with the amount. I send an advance review for him that “he is amazing” but untill now my logo is not yet done. We only agree 3 days but its been week since. I’m really disappointed, I trusted him. What should i do? 😟

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Sorry that you have this experience, but unfortunately, that is the deal here with the 5$ logo.

In most cases, they are not logos but sketches and mix mash of templates.

Some sellers have integrity and skills, so to gain traction, charge 5$, but they they are rare.

He probably has listed in his description that he will deliver only low resolution for 5$, but people do not read the story.

So technically, you tricked yourself more than he deceived you.

Sorry for the money you wasted.
Can you share the logo you got? Are you at least happy with it?

And you only need it now in vector Hd format?

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All I have to say is, what would you expect for a $5 logo?

It’s unfortunate that your experience was less than amazing, but did you really think you were going to get an incredible, professional logo for $5?

Sometimes you get what you pay for.

Sadly, this time you got exactly your money’s worth.

You could report the Seller to Fiverr CS but I think this is more of a case of Buyer beware.

Hopefully, you don’t view the rest of the freelancers here as dishonest as there are a lot of great, talented people working through this platform.

They are just not the ones charging $5 for a logo.

Good luck.

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let me see if i understand;

  • you agreed a price of $5 total for a simple logo and youtube banner
  • he gave you samples, you accidentally finished the order and he refused to help you further
  • he then agreed to give you the hi rez versions of the logo you now own, in exchange for $20, and a positive review on the first order
  • he still didn’t send the promised files, or did you order from somewhere else to get the hi rez files?

Also, you said HD, was this a logo to use in the videos themselves, or as an icon? Or both? i’m trying to understand exactly what happened

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Your first biggest mistake was not properly vetting who you were purchasing from. Your second biggest mistake was accepting the delivery before you received everything that was agreed upon. Your third biggest mistake was continuing to do further business with someone who’s already short-changed you.

Unfortunately, there are many, MANY poor quality or outright scam sellers currently flooding the platform. Trying to find the diamonds in the rough is a chore and gamble all by itself, ESPECIALLY in the logo subcategory.

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