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Order Cancellation Rate Decreasing Issue


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I have completed 35 orders on my profile overall.

I have completed a total of 16 orders on my WordPress gig, while I had a cancellation in November 2020 due to sickness which affects my Order completion rate to 93%. Before November I had completed 15 orders ( 23 orders overall on all gigs ) and after that completion, I had completed 5 more orders ( overall 11 more orders on all gigs ) without any cancellation on that very gig. But, my Order completion rate is decreasing, it is now 91%. I don’t understand why is that happening. Can anyone explain to me why is that actually happening.

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This is because the analytics are for a 60 day period. So, some of your completed orders will fall off your percentage, while the cancellation may still be affecting your delivery percentage. All you can do is deliver as many orders as possible to keep above that 90% requirement.


Thank you so much for replying my question 🙂 Is that mean, if I complete orders till the duration of 60 days, it will be again 100% once the 60 days period is over?

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