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To all sellers: My solution for buyers' failure to read your gig's description


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I see a lot of sellers complaining on this forum that the buyers do not read their gig’s descriptions.

I suggest doing three things:

  1. Creating smaller gig descriptions

    When buyers see a long gig description, they tune out. I know you have a lot to say, but less is truly more. The longer your gig’s description, the less chance the full description will be read.

  2. Putting more into your gig’s video

    Put more details into your video. Videos certainly get watched more than descriptions are read.

  3. Turning on your live portfolio for ALL your gigs

    Turning on your live portfolio will certainly show potential buyers what they will get when your previous buyers showcase your work.

    Finally, in your shorter gig description, put in real uppercase “PLEASE CONTACT ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS”.

    I have less misunderstandings with my buyers lately from using all of these suggestions.

    Happy Holidays and A Very Successful 2013 to all Fiverr members!

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