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If you're buying a voice over, listen to the voice first!


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There are so many really strong voice overs here on fiverr, you can find what you need. Don’t ask the person to be something they’re not.

Sometimes I will sell a gig, and the person will then ask for it to sound “older, in a deeper voice.” Well, I’m 35, and I’m a high baritone, not a bass baritone. Some people have actually asked for “a movie trailer voice.” If you search, “movie trailer voice” you will find some awesome versions of that.

I’m still waiting for someone to ask, “could you read it like a woman?” 🙂

Think of your voice over talent as a color. If I’m “red,” I can get close to brown, kind of pink, a little orange, or near purple. But I’ll never be green, or yellow, or blue.

We want to make sure we sound right for your job. Be sure you’re searching hard enough for the person who is most likely to do just that.

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I don’t necessarily mind when they just straight up ask for a sample. It’s when they ask for a “Movie Trailer Voice” that bugs me. Just like with @addisonjm, I’m a high baritone. I can get lower if needed, but if you’re asking for Don LaFontaine, I’m not your guy.

I was venting frustrations to my wife the other day, and she brought up a good point. A lot of these folks have no reference for what we VO folks do. And any small reference they get is from those videos that float around social media of those guys singing “Let It Go” in 50 different Disney Character voices. (I must say, those guys are awesome.) So I would imagine a lot of them think we can do that. They don’t know we all are mostly specialized talents. We can dabble in other areas but there are some specializations we just can’t do.

I also think they believe we all have music libraries of royalty free music and a foley studio out back. I specifically state on my gig I don’t provide music or sound effects. Every 5th inquiry asks for sound effects or music.

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I get that also.

I do the “deep voice”, Barry White-esque, because I AM a base baritone. I’ve actually had someone ask me if that was my “real” voice and could I bring it up higher.

I told her, that I swing at strikes…not out of my zone. I’ve gotten plenty of VO work doing what I do…I’m not any good doing what I can’t 🙂

Can you sound taller? LOL!!! Classic!

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