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  1. I forgot to mention about the Personal Massage product. The buyer gave no indication what the project was about. They just sent me 20 or so phrases and told me to “Be Sexy.” Apparently I was. Two month later I get a message, “Hey, thought you’d be interested in seeing the final product.” Sent me a link. I think I laughed for 10 minutes straight. I couldn’t believe it.
  2. I totally understand. When I first joined Fiverr four years ago (my god it’s been that long…) I was in the same boat. But I started paying attention to those numbers early and a pattern eventually emerged. Obviously it will be affected by outside sources. There was the infamous Fiver 2.0 fiasco that tanked everyone’s numbers. (They released a new algorithm that favored top sellers and brand new sellers on searches. If you were in the middle anywhere, your impressions fell through the floor. At least that was our impression back then.) So your mileage may vary. I do hope the available now helps going forward. Good luck!
  3. Yeah, you get all kinds here. But it makes for a fun “guess what happened to me…” to tell at parties…
  4. I’m just referring to standard sales practice. You take how many impressions you get, then look at how many of those clicked on your gig, then look at how many sales you got in a given period. Over time you get an idea of your “Closing Percentage” for that gig. (I used to work in sales so this is ingrained in how I do things here on Fiverr, or anywhere really.) So I know that for so many impressions, I get so many clicks, and for so many clicks I get so many sales. That tells me that if I get X impressions, I will most likely have X sales. After a few years doing that the number can become pretty predicable. So what I’m saying, anything I can do to get the impression number up, it ups my chances of getting more sales. Just my take.
  5. My two are these: Apparently I’m the voice of a personal massage product that speaks to it’s users (sensually) while they use it. My wife got a big laugh out of that one. (To look at me I’m more Homer Simpson than Fabio.) I had a guy contact me to be the voices for a “personal” project of his where he was animating porn using popular anime characters. I declined because of the whole TOS violation situation. (He sent me his animatic…wow. It was…graphic. Apparently it had a vore theme to it. DO NOT GOOGLE THAT WITH SAFE SEARCH OFF IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT IT IS.) Dude found my email and tried to get me to do it off of Fiverr. I declined again…
  6. I, respectfully, disagree about the visibility not equaling sales. For me it comes down to math. If, on average, 1% of the people who see my gig will eventually buy from me, then it is in my interest to get as many eyeballs (or ears in my case) on my gig. (Obviously this will vary a bit based on a lot of factors, just pulling out the standard sales talking points. For example, my category VO, sales are affected more in regards of quality, the individual talent, etc. So it is more likely for people to come back later if they heard something the liked.) That’s why I’m interested to see if there are any long term affects. I frankly think it’s too early to judge if it has any major impact on sales for anyone who uses it. This also varies based on the category and how many are available when you are, etc. I must say, I haven’t been this interested in a feature Fiverr has put out, since they added tipping. I’m looking forward to seeing how things play out.
  7. That was one thing that caught me off guard when I first used it. A buyer who is a regular, that messages me all the time about several large ongoing projects, messaged me with a question. I saw the message and instinctively said to myself, “I’ll respond to her right after I finish typing this email to another client.” Often my reaction with this buyer since she messages me so often. 15 minutes later I notice I’m no longer “Available.” I check and see that since I didn’t respond to her in 5 minutes I was kick off. I had to remind myself that even my regulars who aren’t messaging me about immediate orders, need to be responded to within 5. Hasn’t happened to me since, thankfully.
  8. I’ve been using it fairly regularly, at least once a day. I’m finding it’s boosting my visibility which I like. I’ve seen a small uptick in sales, but frankly, the visibility is important to me. If a buyer sees me while I’m available, but isn’t ready to buy yet, they might remember me a week later and send me a message. That’s the hope anyway. I will continue to use it as time goes on to see if I get any sort of upswing in long term sales.
  9. Fiverr has had these little quirks for a while. When the oft maligned “Fiverr Version 2.0” was released I magically received $20 in my “Pending Clearance” total in Revenues. Wasn’t associated with any orders. Didn’t have anything weird happen with any cancellations or anything like that. Just a mystical $20 sitting in my “Pending Clearance.” It was there for at least a year and half. I got so used to automatically subtracting $20 from my pending clearance totals that when they did finally get rid of it, a month passed before I remembered to stop subtracting $20 from that total. (Made for some nice surprises when the funds would clear though…
  10. Yep, patience is key. While you wait: Promote on social media like others have said.Also take a good hard look at your gigs.Make sure there are no grammar or spelling errors.Does your video look good?How is the sound quality of the video? Can you be understood?Do your descriptions make sense? Try and look at it like someone who is searching for your service. Would your description be easy to understand?Make sure the keywords for your gigs, and your gig title, include words that would be searched for when looking for your service. (I’m in Voice Over. So I have “Male voice, American Accent” as a couple of key words because I know people will probably use those words to look for my service. If I just put “voice actor” in there, I would get buried with the 10,000 other VO actors who have that in their keywords. ) Again, try and think like someone who is clueless about your line of work but needs that service done. How would they search for your services?Look at top sellers in your category and see how they present themselves. Use this as a guide to present yourself. (Do not outright copy them, as that is poor form, but use them as a place to get inspiration.)Go to the Buyer request page and put in offers there.Be patient.I doesn’t happen overnight. I was at a month before my first gig came in. (I was refreshing the page every ten minutes checking to see if I got a sale.) Patience and a good presentation is key. Good luck!
  11. Mine dropped 4% as well. Just noticed it today. Hopefully it will get fixed or they explain why. (Algorithm change, factoring in countries they weren’t factoring in before, etc.)
  12. I had to laugh when I read this. I am definitely on the “mature” side in physical age at 51, although my mental age seems to be a tad less – mature. Now, when I talk with buyers, I do my very best to be a true professional and I’m smart and capable, but I just have the sense of humor of a child. Many of the “Doer” ads absolutely make me cringe, so I guess even where I am is too far gone for that. I don’t know if those ads have done any good or what kind of people they attract, but I suppose the goal is just to get attention. If those ads are an example of anything, though, I tend to find them even more “foolish” than most of what I read on the forum. 😃 I often find myself square in the middle. In age I’m not a Gen X’er or a Millennial, Xillennial is what I think our name is now, as well as square in the middle of professionalism as well as silliness. I will answer a post with levity, but it will contain words like “levity” and be grammatically correct with good spelling. (Most of the time. Parentheticals are a grammatical weakness of mine.) And with this post, I’m square in the middle as well. I think “fool” is a bit too harsh but I agree with most points. I’ll admit it drives me bananas to see another post titled, “I opend my Gig in the riting catgory this Murning and No have order yet. Wut am I doing wrong?” So I get the frustration. But at the same time, in my day job, my boss is always bugging me about using the term “you guys” when I speak with clients. Most of my clients are in their twenties, just out of college. So when I get the emails saying, “Please stop saying, ‘you guys’, it’s so unprofessional” I bristle because in today’s world, it really isn’t anymore. I doubt my clients even notice I do it. I get professionalism. I recognize the need for it and there are many times in this forum where people outright ignore it. But I also feel that a lot of the time, it’s because they just don’t know any better and need to learn on their own. (Or they aren’t being unprofessional, for their generation.) Just my take. (Brevity isn’t a strong suit of mine either…)
  13. Mine started slow and then randomly picked up out of nowhere. Hoping this marks a beginning of a trend…
  14. I was curious about this myself as I had a similar situation. I checked the email from Payoneer and it said “once you have a balance of $29.99 or more your transfer will be completed.” Up until this point that had not been the case and even small transfers as little as $4 were OK. Has anyone else noticed this? I would check the email you got from Payoneer when you made the transfer to see if it says something similar. I really hope this isn’t the standard operating procedure going forward. If so I might just have to go back to PayPal…
  15. Same here. Only my most active gig is available for promotion. That being said, I don’t mind giving it more visibility.
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