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Already one month in fiverr but No order


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It’s already one month in fiverr but didn’t get any order. 😦

What should I do. Please give me some suggestion.

Dear, first of all be patience!!! You are here in open market place and you are not only one, hundreds of people join fiverr at a time, and keep one thing in your mind In no any business no one can get profit in some days! People spent there much time and after a great struggle success may come, and it is your business!

You are new here and you are regretting for not getting the order in a month? Buyers are not in your hands they have alot of experienced sellers to hire, first you have to proof your self and one day you will start receiving orders as you are thinking, but it need alot of time and patience.

For improvement and suggestions, read the below article hope it will help you. Good Luck!

Hello all, specially newbies! Hope you all are doing good. Well, as being a member of fiverr from last more than 2 years, I faced alot of things and got alot of experience and being a member of this platform fiverr forum I see many open topics specially from newbies asking only thing How to get order? As being a responsible member or to maintain my trust on others on this forum I replied on many topics, help others in many ways which are possible from my side. But reading alot of questions on…
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