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  1. Thank you for sharing this useful informations.
  2. Continuing the discussion from Please help me my friends: Hi Everyone, I created 1 gig and I have no orders since january 2020. Sent many Buyer Requests and did some promoting but still no orders. My gig’s about create flat/minimalist logo. I draw/create logo using smartphone because I don’t have PC and Laptop. The result of the file size is small (300 ppi/600 ppi). Only can provide PNG, JPG and layered SVG file formats. Please let me know will it works for me as seller on fiverr ? or I have to closed this silveni account ?
  3. The reason buyers willing to buy your service because they want it or because buyers want to help you. So we as the seller just can do promoting our services. Even if you are good at it, if buyers don’t want to buy the service from you that’s mean you have no sells. So my suggest is keep trying to convince your prospective buyer if you still want to try.
  4. Hey! Welcome & Have fun 😃 Very useful 😃 Yes, ofc 😃 No, You are not wasting your time here 😃
  5. Hello greece, Welcome and Have fun 😃
  6. The buyer doesn’t have to respond. Did you read the previous posts! I read, but why? What if the buyer need some revisions? Do the seller also no need to responding the buyer?
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