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  1. Always welcome, stay blessed and share it with others. Also do share your experiences so we can get help/ advices from them as well. Thanks a lot for too much appreciation!
  2. Hello All, Hope you all are doing good. Lets share the percentage of World Domination, and lets see how much we have explored. Lets motivate each others! 🤩 Share your percentage with the no. of completed orders along with a snap of world domination. Mine is 7%, done with 100 orders 😍
  3. There is no such reason! Buyer receives a lot of requests, he is not responsible to reply each.
  4. Thanks for sharing your complete story, it give a lot of lessons to many seller including me. I am really impressed the way you delivered/ the way you convinced them. But from now, I start thinking on it, You are a seller plus member that is why they have listened and you replied you till the very end and, and after all your efforts, you have got your account back. I'm thinking what about us like Normal user! There is nothing to do if we face something like that. I just recommend to everyone, never talk any kind of business or anything on fiver. Just do your job, accept the messages related to order, deliver it and babye! Do not consider it as your social media platform, just do you work and move forward, or if any one try to ask anything against it, first tell him its not allowed from fiverr, kindly follow it T&Cs, if it happens again, lets raise a flag before you get raised! Highly impressed! Seeing 1st time, a user get back its account after the permanent ban.
  5. No need to worry about it, if you have successfully deliver your order. Fiverr give 3 days to the buyer to accept it or not. After 3 days of no response, it automatically got accepted.
  6. Condition is much controlled from the very start of it. At one point, our cases reach up to max level that is 30% of country up/down. But, by the grace of GOD we are safe, no such precautions followed, Almighty saved us somehow! Now, it's the 4th spell, multiple cities start getting lock after the given time. May GOD save us, and may this virus vanished soon. Be vaccinated, always wear Mask. Keep social distancing & use sanitizer! From Pakistan,
  7. First ask the buyer to communicate through fiverr as it is not allowed to move outside. May be the buyer is new on fiver and don't know about this but if he ask again for same thing, report him immediately before you get reported by fiverr.
  8. There is no such tips! You just need to explain what you will deliver, as much easy way you can. You must select the request on which you are completely sure you can deliver as per the buyer wants. As per my thinking, buyer start receiving a lot of requests within some minutes, mostly they ignore the LONG blah blah blah messages and move forward to next. So, try not to write or to follow a complete application/ offer pattern. Only thing that is required and must be do is, to read a request clearly and think on it, Am I good fit for this or not? Also, many requests I have seen, many buyers write in the end, start your request with a word "xyx" so I can understand you have read this out completely, so it's a good strategy, in these kind of request you can explain your work well as you can assume that, once buyer see the start word in your request, he can surely give time to read. This is all required as per my thinking.
  9. As you have mentioned, you have started AGAIN, what happened to your previous account? If you have deactivated or it got disabled then you are doing violation as fiverr not allowed to create another account once it got disabled. Do focus on it!
  10. Why you have closed your previous real account? I actually don't understand why people close their account, if you want a break or not want to continue this, what is the need to deactivate? you can simple set your availability to out of office. Now, if you have really deactivated your account then from which account you are using this platform to communicate? If you have really deactivated your previous account and want to come back again, I suggest you to create your account with your original details and just after the creation, do contact customer support, send them a request and explain your deactivation reason, and share what they will ask. This is all I can suggest as if they can allow you, you will have the evidence in future incase of any problem you face as all the chat will be send to you in the email. Also you will have the closed ticket in customer support page. Without doing this, you will have no any guarantee and your account can be ban anytime if they think so.
  11. You have already violated its terms and condition. You can't get you account back as they have mentioned this clearly its permanent and no need to contact customer support. Why you were using 2 accounts? You should know that it's not allowed or if you were using after knowing this, then you shouldn't ask why your account ban or how to get it back. Moreover, I have seen your reply above, you have mentioned that you are not using any other account, but actually you are using.
  12. Always welcome, stay blessed. @prava_smrite, @irinparvin20, @web_qulsum, @sun20190206, @marketing_abir, @tasnim0123 Hello @hostdesign999, You are definitely not following the things, or if you are doing do, be patient. Try to be online as more as you can, check BRs as well. Hope, you will receive your first order soon. Good Luck!
  13. Kindly go through the below mentioned link and you will get you answer,
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