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Greetings, Wholf is here!


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Greetings everyone,

My name is Wholf, a 23 years young male from the Netherlands and a gamer since birth.
Hope you all have a wonderfull day today!

Current hobby’s and skills:
Discord and Moderator Manager, administrator, moderator, Steam/Game Translator and Steam profile customization. Doing this for the past 5 years on a daily basis and still enjoying it.

Besides that i like traveling, exploring my country like abandoned places and new city’s, make pictures with friends and hanging out with them, shopping and meeting new people!

Feel free to hit me up on Steam and Discord for gaming and chilling together.

I also like listening to music!
Punk, metal and rock 'n roll!

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Hi there, welcome to the forum.

Be careful with links and contact info, read Fiverr’s terms of service and check out the FAQ in the Seller Help Center to see which URLs are allowed for links, or you’re risking account warning or suspension.

Good luck!

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