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  1. Wow, New forum and I have came back a year later
  2. Today is my 23th birthday and I am entirely bored. Nothing to do, Even I have no active order. Anyway, Prey for me and my family guys and Stay Happy.
  3. Today is 50th Independent Day of Bangladesh. In this day we got our country as an independent national after a war in 1971. We are so happy to be a Bangladeshi Nation as well. Happy birthday Bangladesh 🎉
  4. You can but It is better if you can update some information as well.
  5. So, If I contact with Fiverr support again & Tell them not to cancel the order. It it possible?
  6. Horrible decision. Now you will have 4.6 rating + your order completion will go down + you will be left with no money paid for your work. :woman_shrugging: Asking to cancel the order will not remove their review. Your overall rating is still 4.9. In terms of communication: you never tell your clients that “it’s 5am, not this time”. Even if it is 5am and you are tired you don’t need to tell that to your clients. It’s not their problem. You could just say “sure we can do that, I’ll send you a custom offer shortly. It will take (less than) 24 hour to complete your additional request after you accept the offer”. That’s it. No drama. Simple, polite, informative. Your client still took time to accept the offer so you didn’t have to throw in his face that it’s 5am especially because YOU made a decision to agree to work at night time Actually that 5 Am is my personal opinion. Even, I didn’t mention that just Said good night which I say of my every clients. As Far I know, the review will be removed & the money is not much only $5. My sadness is, I satisfied him but he left bad review. Too much bad decision of mine but Nothing to do 🙂
  7. Hi, one of buyer asked for a favour & I help him late night because he is my regular buyer. When he wanted more features & asked for free service , I told him not this time because this is much critical job. I sent him a offer & said him good night because it was approximately 5 Am. After 14-15 hours later he accepted the offer & I sent him the sample. I asked for delivery ans he told yes. But the main point is he Left 1.3 star review & wrote that I was rude which is not fair for me. Now, my positive rating came down directly to 4.6. I asked to Fiverr support to cancel the order & described everything. If support cancel the order, do the positive rating increase? And what about order completion rate? It came down 5 to 4.6 within few hours which is really unfair. Thanks & waiting for your advice.🙃 IMG_20201120_130535717×815 71.2 KB
  8. Create new gigs & do marketing on social media.
  9. you are wrong. Fiverr support is very helpful.
  10. Share your gig on social media, Send buyser request & be active. Thanks
  11. Create 7 gigs with strong keywords. Active minimum 16 hours. Send buyer request.
  12. Eid Mubarak to you & Have a nice day
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