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How to report illegal piracy gigs


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Fiverr doesn’t make it easy enough to report gigs where a seller is offering illegal music, movies, etc.

Today I saw another new gig from someone offering to sell “any song, music album or movie” as a $5 Fiverr gig to help buyers from paying full price or compensating the creators and copyright owners. How much more obvious can a piracy gig be? When Fiverr staff pay such close attention to gig photo formats and such on new gigs, how come they don’t or won’t notice blatantly illegal offerings?

Oh, I’m sure a sheriff or someone can tell me how to navigate through a tree of options to get to a form to report things, but that should not be necessary. Last time I tried to report several sellers offering pirated $600 commercial software I sent CS one specific link then told them the search term I used on Fiverr to find several more. CS responded by asking me to send them the specific links to each and every individual illegal gig. So, they’ll deal with piracy if you do the legwork for them, but don’t seem as interested in doing it themselves.

How about a “report this gig” button on all new gigs - for the first year maybe? That would make it easy for the community to find and report illegal activity. Not to shut a gig down down instantly, but at least get it reviewed promptly. If those sellers are really at fault, they SHOULD be shut down fast and have future gigs looked at much more closely. If they are NOT at fault, then they can be advised to clarify their listings to ensure that they won’t get reported again. And if someone shows a pattern of making improper reports about LEGAL gigs, they can be counseled or sanctioned or ignored as the circumstances dictate.

Please make it easy and fast and anonymous to report illegal activity on Fiverr gigs or the site will always be (partially) at fault for not only allowing illegal activity, but actually profitting from it.

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Thanks. I know there is a way to report piracy gigs, but the core question is why doesn’t Fiverr do something on their own to root them out? It is not a new issue. So either it is not a priority or they don’t care. Which is worse?

Use the Fiverr search function to look for basic terms like “CS6” (Adobe’s high priced commercial image creation software) and within the first few pages you will see several gigs selling the entire suite or various element of it. Not even attempting to hide the nature of the offering - blatantly saying that they are selling crack codes to convert demo versions to full working versions to circumvent intellectual property rights. One of them shows 40 sales, so Fiverr is $40 richer for having it in the system.

You can find plenty of other piracy if you look. I saw Windows 8 and other software being offered, plus of course there are movie downloads and commercial music torrents and albums aplenty.

Point is, Fiverr should be do the right thing and proactively search these out and eliminate them - not wait for its members to initiate specific complaints.

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