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[Guide] How to Rank Your Gig for Better Results on Fiverr


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did everything right even getting order form buyer request but I don’t know still my every gig is on the last page…disappointed

I had a look at a couple of your gigs, and they seem to be optimized pretty well for search! This leads me to believe the problem might be the competition in your niche.

Logo design has a ton of sellers offering similar gigs. This means that you’re competing against several others who might also be optimizing their gig. This is similar to what happens with SEO on the web in general. If you’re trying to rank a site in a crowded niche it becomes a lot harder to get clear results.

In your case, I would imagine getting more orders could help you rank higher. Like I said, this isn’t a full-proof way of getting your gig on the first page, but just a guide on how you can optimize your gig to improve your ranking. Factors like the amount of orders you’re getting also matter.

I hope you’ll work it out and succeed in your category! 🙂

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