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Dying as a old Seller


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I am working as a photo editor since May 2016. From then to 2018 my sell was going well. Unfortunately, I am not getting orders from new clients from the starting of 2019 to present. I don’t know why. I think the possible reason is I was not always online as like before. But now I am keeping myself always online, sharing my gigs everywhere. In the same categories, the same type of gig other sellers are selling very well. My last delivery was 17 days ago from now and that was from one of my old clients. Another delivery was 1 month ago and then for 3 months and I did not check more. I want to get new orders and keep myself busy with work. But not getting the chance. I do not know what would I do now. Reading different blog posts to know how can sell my gigs again. Recently completed a course from learn from Fiverr. Doing everything but not working anything. And this is my Fiverr Experience now.

If you have any suggestions for me, please leave it below. I will be grateful to you.
Thank you 🙂
#Sorry for bad English.

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