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  1. I always see 3 or 4 buyer requests only. It is not updating continuously. I think because of my inactivity. I do not send offer any buyer request from a long time. Now I have started sending buyer request again. Let me see what happens. Thanks for sharing your experience, I will definitely check it out.
  2. Yes, you are right. It does not works always. I have now turned off promotions and promoting by myself. Self promotion works better than fiverr promoted gigs. Thanks for your nice opinion.
  3. I have also talked with some sellers I know. They have also the same experience. Maybe your thinking is right that promotion follows shuffling system like Fiverr gig has. Sometime it works well and sometime it does not. Thanks for your nice comment.
  4. First time when I have got the "Promoted Gigs" option, It worked great for me. First two months it worked great. Now the revenue is less the the amount I spent on promotion. I am attaching the screenshot of my promoted gig status. Do anybody of you facing this kind of unbalanced costs for gig promotion?
  5. When you come to fiverr forum and read posts?

    In my case, if there is no new orders and I guess If I spend more time on forum, my gigs will be ranked to front page and I will get more orders. Although I know it is not true but think about it. When I spend more time on fiverr forum, I read a lot of different type posts. These helps me to think and take actions about increasing my sales. 


  6. Gig promotions are not working well as they did before.


  7. I did not get any notifications about “Fiverr Removed Funds”. I have googled and tried to find why this was happening and did not found any solution. You can see the screenshot. 011258×571 31.7 KBThen I have checked my previous earnings. On December 21 there I can see “Fiverr Added Funds” and the same day “Deduction for Promoted Gigs”.You can see the screenshot. 021229×465 28.3 KBThen I realized before I give the payments for Fiverr promoted gigs, I have withdrawn all from my Fiverr balance. I guess Fiverr gave me funds to pay the dues for promoted gigs and when my funds was clearing, Fiverr kept their given funds. Still I am not sure what actually happened.
  8. Check your gig image, description, pricing and others. Compare your gig with other sellers. If everything is okay share your gigs to social platforms. keep yourself online as much you can. Read more blog posts about getting orders. Stay connected with Fiverr forum. Be patient and keep working for new orders.
  9. Hi, First of all keep yourself always online, as much you can. Share you gigs on social media- Facebook / Twitter / Instagram. Find your targeted audience and share your services with them. Check your fiverr app frequently. If there is any message from new buyers, respond messages immediately. Root key is research and read blog posts for getting first order and stay sticky with fiverr. Best of Luck. :hugs:
  10. I think there is no option to get orders everyday. But you have to take some steps to get more orders. You have to stay sticky on fiverr, keep yourself always online, share your gigs on social media and this is the main key to get more orders. Best of luck 😃
  11. Hi Bhoomi, Welcome to Fiverr! Waiting for your next post about level one seller 😮 “Bhoomi” is one of my favorites bands 😄 @bhoomibhanushal
  12. Hi Azizul, Welcome to fiverr. I am also from Bangladesh. Now I am a level 2 seller here. If you have skills and you are dedicated what you want to, you will get that. Best of luck.
  13. Very helpful tips. When we love what we are doing, it gives ourselves more positive feedback. Both buyers and sellers are happy at that moment.
  14. Go ahead with your services. Best of luck. 🙂
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