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  1. Hi Fiverr’ss Has anyone experienced a dramatic fall in their 60 day response time without merit? With every communication (Usually withing an hour) my response rate is dropping a % or 2. I have written to Fiverr customer service. But at this point I’m scratching my head. My current response rate rarely varies from 1 hour. What is going on?
  2. This is the answer I wanted … Not sure why they just can’t take a current GIG and run with that… I have no deep desire do audio books… Interesting though what logic goes into these picks.
  3. Hi Fiverrer’s Like the title says I’ve been invited to create a GIG in the audio category. I am a long term Voice Over on here primarily. I’m assuming this is a privileged “Hand Picked” deal? Funny thing is the GIG they are wanting me to create is not typical for what I offer . Assuming this is for entry into the “Fiverr Business Catalog”. Can anyone enlighten me on this. sd1515×700 143 KB
  4. Overwhelmed as in unwilling to hire more reps. Can you imagine your bank taking 10 days to answer a question 🧐
  5. Hi Fiverrer’s I know I’m going to anger the Fiverr G-ds. But I’ve never had Fiverr customer support pretty much ignore my tickets. The most I’ve ever had to wait is 24 hours not a week. I feel like that guy in the office who’s fired, he just doesn’t know it yet. Come on Fiverr this is not what I pay you for?
  6. People come back all the time… I’m refering to organic orders This is more like a post Covid slump.
  7. Hi Fiverrer’s I’m very interested to know if anyone else has seen a dramatic slow down in orders or interest in their long standing gigs. What is going on? Fiverr customer support is also taking for ever to reply to simple requests. Yet again I’m scratching my head, as most of my anylitics don’t show a slow down in impressions…
  8. Pretty sure an auto refresher will not help your stats in anyway. Like YouTube 1 IP address = 1 View
  9. Covid-19 strangely kept my 2 year old GIG relevant. Intersellar became the number one movie watched in China in ImaxAt 00:30 seconds my gig gives a spooky reference to Covid-19Steve Maxell - Epic Movie Voice Over Guy
  10. “Could you re-record this 2000 word script, with a little more energy for free”
  11. Hi Fiverrer’s So… how does one know if the “Paid Gig Promotion” feature is working? Seeming as when I search for my own gig there is no “Promoted” badge or and indication it’s been promoted?
  12. Hi Fiverr’s Yet again crickets and tumble weeds for orders in the Voice Over category. Anyone else experiencing some what of a slump. Even used the paid promotion feature to the max, quite as mouse over here!! What gives fiverr
  13. Hi Fiverr’s Been a while since coming on the forum. Covid-19 has been a real pain for me. Still continued doing my Gigs but yet again they have slowed down without explanation. Same old Same old Fiverr…dont get me started with “Paid Gig Promotion…”. Any other voice over artists that have been on here a while see this down trend again.
  14. Hi Jamie Be yourself. Process your audio a little. Add compression, limiting and suitableness. It sounds like you have a cold
  15. I’m pretty sure you can’t do that for gigs under the voice over category. I at least have never seen the option to do so. For us, the way around it is to reduce your prices but also reduce words offered. For example, instead of charging $10 for 500 words, charge $5 for 250 and have it go up by $5 per 250 words. Screenshot included for anyone curious about what that looks like: You are correct, however my gaming VO does allow for packages.
  16. Hi Fiverr’ss So during this Covid-19 thing my gig has been on autopilot. Of course I’ve noticed a sharp decline in orders due to my obligations during this trying time. Do you think i’m not tickling and touching my gigs enough, or is it simply the fact companies have slowed business down. What do you think I should be doing so Fiverr doesn’t think I’ve abandoned the platform? In other words what is considered been active on Fiverr? Feedback appreciated
  17. Same here, I don’t care anymore. Get sales or don’t get sales, not stressing it.
  18. Writing to customer support telling them your not going to cancel an order. If you writing an email like that you most likely are dealing with a scammer.
  19. You might be describing any reseller here. But I doubt they will leave a comment here. Seeming as they’re Ninjas
  20. Fiverr is like a toxic friend , the moment you stop paying attention to it - magic happens. It does not mater how long your on line, or how good your gig profile or position is… If the Fiverr G-ds favor you, you will always perform well.
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