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Withdraw Funds And Best Payment Method

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You have three options

  1. PayPal account withdrawals, which are free.
  2. Fiverr Revenue Card withdrawals, which have fees
  3. Withdraw to your bank account, which has fees.

So I think its best to use PayPal if it’s available in your country. The withdrawals are instant and you got the funds immediately sent to your PayPal account. I always use PayPal and on top of that bank withdrawals from PayPal are instant too and no fees at all.

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How about to check fiverr help page?
They have a full article explained in a great detail on how to withdraw funds, how long does it take etc

Actually only today 3 other people people asked the same question and someone even posted a link for them to the help page, so if you can’t find fiverr Help page you can just check the topics for the last 24h and you will find the link.

Good luck.

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