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  1. When all sellers know how the algorithm works then it doesn’t make any sense (you have the same plan as your competitor) 😆
  2. If you don’t need a phisical card then you can order a vitual one by contacting payoneer customer support live chat.
  3. By doing fiverr market research for your graphic & design niche; you will understand how to hunt customers and getting orders.
  4. Refresh the page you will see the magic; it’s just a bug :man_shrugging:
  5. When buyer requests a negotiation on price; this is my reply “sorry I can’t work on your project!”
  6. Don’t include hosting and domain in your package, just tell buyer that you can build the website in his purchased hosting already.
  7. Before dealing with any buyer, analyse his profile first. Never work on many projects the all in-one-order.
  8. When all countries of the world start using only bitcoin BTC for buying and selling then it will make sense.
  9. Don’t forget that we have millions of buyers also.
  10. Everything starts from zero. By doing a market research for your niche then you will understand why you don’t get orders.
  11. For me I don’t use the buyer request section, I think it’s just a waste of time.
  12. By doing keyword research for your gig. By putting eye catching gig thumbnail with a good studied price.
  13. ⭐4.9 ; dont try to follow your ego and continue your work.
  14. Stay away and keep your mind clean from adult content. There are many other safe works to do.
  15. Maybe it’s a maintenance period by fiverr, try to wait 3 or 4 days if nothing; contact customer support.
  16. Go with chrome and don’t worry because it can allow you to synchronise your gmail account with all Google services and if you can get a chromebook that’s cool. If you can’t, go and install cloudready OS on your pc it’s a free chrome OS alternative.
  17. I have not any goal, If I passed my day happy that’s the whole point. Life is a process not goals because the more you put expectations; more frustration comes.
  18. There is no other solution, ask for a refund. Also you can use this tool to detect plagiarism: https://www.quetext.com/
  19. ENTJ: the commander here 😉
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