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  1. Great! you too have a wonderful day. @aorstudio
  2. @aorstudio The order doesn’t have to be started, you can send a cancellation request through the Visit the Resolution Center button at the order page. From there its a wizard you can set the cancellation reason and send a cancellation request which the buyer can accept to cancel and receive a refund for the order.
  3. I see you had your seller level dropped, that could be the only reason.
  4. Seller level won’t be an issue but building reviews takes time and yes many started with lower price and then after a good customer base and reviews the price was incremented.
  5. You can send a mutual cancellation request. There will be a resolution center link upper right side in the order page
  6. Hello @miquelinet1 I have never had any such issues before. The withdrawals have always been easy and prompt. I use Paypal Withdrawals and they are instant. What Withdrawal did you use? If its Fiverr Revenue Card it may take a few days
  7. it’s always best to ask them to maintain communication within fiverr to avoid any later issues.
  8. All video file types re supported but each file size limit is around 1 GB in Size
  9. That is not a good way to deal with such buyers. You should stand up for your business, otherwise you are setting a bad precedent. Only work on what is worth your time and effort. I’d rather to cancel that order, then block them and move on. Cancellation would decrease the order completion percentage and also drop the gig listing in the search result. In this competitive era I cannot have any cancellation that will cause my sales down. Again not all the buyers are like that, most of them are understanding and wise. I am talking about few buyers once in a while. For me cancellation isn’t worth at all. I would go beyond what paid to avoid cancellation and do as much work which pleases the buyer.
  10. Its some technical issue or a bug on affecting your profile, at times the dashboard would still show completed orders and the Fiverr Customer Support used to refresh/reset the dashboard for solution. I think they can only help in this case.
  11. We don’t have much choice here but to make the buyer happy, work on whatever extra they are asking to avoid cancellation.
  12. Have you checked spam? The FAQ Page https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/response-time-rate-faq mentions So if the spam messages weren’t reported then it surely have resulted into response rate decrease.
  13. The response rate in Analytics page indicates that Respond to 90% of the inquiries you received in the last 60 days That might have resulted in the level drops and also the gigs might not be displayed on search results. If no messages were received then it could be some technical issue with your profile. Best to contact fiverr customer support with screenshots.
  14. Again there is no built in mechanism to control human emotion of that level 😃 so either block and report them or take the compliments.
  15. Don’t be disappointed, try explaining to them again. Best wishes!
  16. Yes indeed it is! 😃 but again take it as a good compliment haha
  17. I can exactly relate with you @tanjinajahan, in a long conversation whenever you are trying to fetch some information from previous messages and the buyer constantly keeps on sending messages you are scrolled down. It’s annoying at peak times when you have many orders and simultaneous messages from the buyers.
  18. Advantages of being a good looking guy maybe? 😃 You can always report and block them it won’t affect your response rate.
  19. It will affect your cancellation and there is something you cannot always contact Fiverr Customer Support to cancel gig without affecting your gig ratings. Something I do not understand is in the past 5 years I have seen Ordered by cancellation reason many times, How can a buyer order by cancel when there are several steps before you commit an order. Immediate Cancellation right after the order must be revised and it should affect a sellers rating in any way. I have had so many of such cancellations and they not only affect your order completion percentage but also drop your gig from search listing.
  20. Maybe its in other pages, or the gig got penalized which avoids the gig from being displayed on the search result. You can always inquire Fiverr customer support.
  21. Yes I checked his profile and he has last his level, that is very unfortunate. The most common reason is buyer cancellation. Some buyers wouldn’t accept any resolutions but just want to cancel. Some place order and then immediately want to cancel making unreasonable excuses like ordered by mistake when there are several steps before confirming an order.
  22. You can apply for Fiverr Revenue Card (Payoneer Mastercard) after you have balance cleared up in your account. The details you provide while applying Fiverr Revenue Card must be correct and reflect your NID Card. Hope this helps.
  23. Any files if not compressed, encrypted with a password will get scanned for malicious code by Google before you can download. Even if you download the file you can scan it with an Antivirus or the real time protection of Antivirus will automatically trigger a warning and show you further information about the infected file/virus type.
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