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Quick newbie question: how to deliver a draft for revision?


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Hi there,

I am completing my first order and I have attached two drafts in a chat conversation with the client. Is this the way to do it? I assume “Deliver” is for the final files?

My main reason for asking is that my client is taking a long time to respond, so I am unsure what notifications they are getting or if I’ve delivered the draft correctly. Obviously, I am also worried about keeping my deadline and making sure I’ve kept my end of the deal if I can’t deliver on time because of missing feedback.

Thank you!

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If by draft you mean ‘Incomplete job’ then the way you are doing it now is fine.

If by draft you mean ‘Completed job, but might require revisions’ then directly deliver it to the order’s page.

Thank you for a quick response, I will stop worrying now 🙂

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