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  1. I know that you used the “free” money Fiverr gave you. But if you were actually paying for the Promotion Feature Fiverr would have paid Fiverr 30%. So, are you going to continue the promotion when you use up your $10? You cannot apply. You have to be chosen. Really? I thought it’s for everyone, I have the $10 as it is, and set my bidding to the lowest, don’t want to try it just yet to be honest as I am already doing well and kind of busy these days. I’d love to see more people try it.
  2. That’s not a problem. Have you considered reading Fiverr’s terms of service? Or how the site works? Fiverr needs to make money to keep it’s site working. They take 20% of every order. That’s how it works.
  3. Exactly that, I was gonna write the reasons I noticed why not every order has it. Review or no review, rated or not rated, no matter what the amount is, if the buyer completes the order, you get the option to early payout. If the order was auto-completed, then you don’t get it. Me too, same reaction 😶
  4. Not really. I would like to know if I may not be able to work on Fiverr, if I decide to live elsewhere. It’s a pretty big issue for a lot of sellers. Some kind of official guidelines or statement is simply a reasonable thing to expect. - Regardless of who a person is, what they do, or where they are from. @hanshuber16 Hi, what an interesting topic. I am worried now because of this. As my ID verification hasn’t been requested from me yet, and when it is, what do you suggest I upload as an ID (I live in UAE but I hold a Jordanian passport)? I’m afraid that if I uploaded my passport copy, they’d do the same thing they did to OP. Is it better if I uploaded a UAE ID or UAE Driving license?
  5. No, there’s no need for a scanned copy. However, since, during the verification process (in addition to the camera App to take a live photo), you also have the option to open the gallery App (which gives you access to the photos on your phone) and upload a premade photo, you could opt for that, too. The only reason I suggested using a premade photo in my original post was because users have reported (on the forum) greater success using this option. Several users have reported issues with using the live photo option (as it can sometimes lead to a dark/blurry image). However, it is entirely up to you to chose whichever option you think will work best for you 🙂 I would also suggest that you do not use scanned documents at all as they usually tend to be of lower quality (resolution) in comparison to a photo taken with a good DSLR camera or smartphone camera. It’s 2019, there are people who still use iPhones?! 😜 Thank you, will keep that in mind when it’s my turn to verify my ID. 🙂
  6. So, no need for a scanned copy of the ID? Simply capture a photo of it using phone’s camera?
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