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  1. I know that you used the “free” money Fiverr gave you. But if you were actually paying for the Promotion Feature Fiverr would have paid Fiverr 30%. So, are you going to continue the promotion when you use up your $10? You cannot apply. You have to be chosen. Really? I thought it’s for everyone, I have the $10 as it is, and set my bidding to the lowest, don’t want to try it just yet to be honest as I am already doing well and kind of busy these days. I’d love to see more people try it.
  2. As of now, it has just been 7 working days, it’s normal in my experience. I suggest waiting a couple more days, because Payoneer’s CS is horrible to interact with, so save yourself the pain, and be a bit more patient.
  3. Fiverr CS won’t help you on this, as long as it shows it has been withdrawn from your Fiverr’s balance. Payoneer is taking a longer time nowadays to send payments. I’d suggest you wait for a couple days, and if you still haven’t received yet, contact Payoneer’s CS.
  4. Work on your English. I’m pretty sure that the “95 byer request best offers” aren’t that good. Customers care about communication more than you think.
  5. Well, I’m not sure about PP, I always withdraw through Payoneer, which in the past, used to take 2 days maximum. For the past 4 months or so, I get my $ after waiting 7 to 10 working days. Contact PP customer service just to make sure.
  6. Tell your client politely that you cannot contact him outside of Fiverr as it is against the TOS. Do not worry, do not be scared, Fiverr will not “deal with you” as long as you did not ask for your client’s contact details.
  7. It seems like I am the only one here that likes the new font …
  8. OP is already in a critical situation. If he doesn’t cancel; might get a 1 star rating with a bad review. He cancels, his gig rank might drop. So, my advice for him, is to try and convince the buyer, work harder to satisfy them (that’s what I’d do), but if the buyer was too stubborn, then I’d rather get my payment and a 1 star review, than cancel the order, risk my rank getting dropped and lose money after working hard.
  9. Buyers cannot cancel based on quality of the work. If it was me, I’d not cancel for this buyer after I worked hard for 3 days. If a buyer doesn’t like what I have, they can ask for revisions!
  10. It has been like this for me for 4 months now, it takes them 7 working days to send funds. Be patient, and after 7 days, contact Payoneer’s customer service.
  11. You sent a request to several sellers, which most buyers do. One of them asked for the images and you sent it to them, the seller did work on it before sending you a custom gig. His fault not yours. Do not pay anything if it was not what you expected, because it is clear that you did not ask him to do the job. I, as a seller, ALWAYS ask for my clients’ documents before I start the gig (just to have a closer look), I, as a seller, am responsible if I worked on it or not before sending a custom gig. I, as a seller, am responsible to send you the custom gig before I start to work on it. IMO, you did nothing wrong, it is up to you whether you want to send him payment or not. If it was me, and I didn’t like the work (doing 1 thing out of 4 things I asked for) wouldn’t pay a thing and move on.
  12. That’s not a problem. Have you considered reading Fiverr’s terms of service? Or how the site works? Fiverr needs to make money to keep it’s site working. They take 20% of every order. That’s how it works.
  13. Exactly that, I was gonna write the reasons I noticed why not every order has it. Review or no review, rated or not rated, no matter what the amount is, if the buyer completes the order, you get the option to early payout. If the order was auto-completed, then you don’t get it. Me too, same reaction 😶
  14. Maybe it depends on the seller rating, rank or sales. No one knows for sure. For me, I edit anything in my best seller gig, including images, and my gig stays where it is.
  15. Currently I am revisiting RE2 remake to finish it off on Hardcore. I pre-ordered RE3 remake and FFVII remake physical copies. Can’t wait for them to be released!
  16. I’m not sure whether having a card affects the procedure or not. It’s best to wait for 3 days, then contact Payoneer Customer Service (which sucks a lot btw).
  17. Same here. I haven’t contacted CS yet though as it seems a common issue.
  18. Always happens, also with Australian customers. That’s why when I quote my price, I do not simply use $, I usually write USD.
  19. Agreed. I prefer if a moderator closes the thread, because some people are STILL commenting it is solved…
  20. Never had that, really? when did it happen? (I cannot recall)
  21. Fair enough 🙂 I thought you meant a sample loading picture. I think somehow, the value=get_user_id() got bugged, and it was somehow changed to value=get_user_id(5222014) or whatever mr_asfandyar778 id number is.
  22. And we all know how much he has now hahahah the ENTIRE fiverr family knows how much you have mr_asfandyar778
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