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Who Is your Celebrity Crush?


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I have lots. Here are two: (You didn’t say they had to be human.)

Simon the cat! Do you have the coloring book? :thinking:

I faintly remember the blue alien from The Fifth Element. That was 20 years ago after all! 👵

That was 20 years ago after all!

Vicki! Shhh! Maybe some people don’t know how old the Diva. One must never talk about a diva’s age… 😃

No, I don’t have a coloring book for Simon’s cat, I just LOVE the videos. I like coloring but I tend to get bored in 3.75 minutes and do something more interactive, like shoot roaches in one of the Silent Hill games.

I should mention, your Sean is an awesome guy, even if he’s not a blue cat.

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