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  1. How are you doing with the posting on people's walls thing? Here is a closer look at THE SPOON!


    1. maitasun


      Maita wants one. It's really cool. 🤩

    2. gig_freak


      I am out. Bye. 

  2. I've been told that you are having a competitor posting on people's walls. His name starts with "Gj". He's gonna beat you to your own game. Just sayin'.

  3. @maitasundo want this set? Me and @ahmwritingco are asking from a friend, cause they need a cheap and handy tool for bar brawls. 


    1. maitasun


      It looks like pretty solid wood! 🤩

      It'll be perfect for spoonish language! 😁 😂

      What do you think about our new set of working tools, @vickiespencer😇

    2. vickiespencer


      I see the nice set of working spoons is made of olive wood. Very pretty while bing functional! 


  4. Still vaiting for customizing offer. When u send ??? 

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. vibronx


      by by!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. maitasun


      Halo??? 😳




    4. gig_freak


      Halo ? I Master Chspamer. 

  5. Hello ! Ur translatingors is good. Do u warranty sellings if u translate my Feverrr gigas on Spoonish languge? 

    1. maitasun


      Zank u, sir. 🙇‍♀️

      !00% warranty. I have a master in 🥄language. 😊

  6. U do noise lagos for clients. Can u create a lago flour me? I like ur own laggo, "Maria Shtelle Calligrapher" can may see "Gig Freak - Online 24/7". 


    Thanks u! I can pai by laiking all ur forrum postings. 

    1. mariashtelle1


      Please don’t like me, we no like harassment, I’ll do your logo free with unlimatad revisions  

    2. maitasun


      you sir want lago. I do profasional lago 4 u very chip



    3. gig_freak


      Sir, only chip I got is from vassine. 

  7. Care to play some Crash Team Racing with me?

    1. ahmwritingco


      Lead the way, good sir!

      Crash Bandicoot Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled GIF - CrashBandicoot CrashTeamRacingNitroFueled CrashTeamRacing GIFs

  8. Hallo! I need praafreed my postings on forum. How much I payings??? Thanks u. If I pai u for praafreed, do u warranty improve in may sailings on this platform?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. vickiespencer


      I charge only $5 for proofreading 20 posts on the FF.

      I can not guarantee that you will get more sales on the Fiverr platform. 

    3. gig_freak


      Can we do 40 postings for $5??????

    4. maitasun


      And if you don't need to use Google translate to decipher, would you make it $5 for 25 posts? 🥺🙏

  9. Hello Sir, I like your postings on this platforms. U seem very knowledgerable for making sales. FOrum is tellings me u know how to #Meksel&Chiil. Do u have any tippings and nuddle-hows for me to kick-start may careers? 

    With all due respects. 

    1. vibronx


      thx for respect sir i know what u need for mekseel chill for makeing sell but 1st u need to decide if u want b little spoon or big spoon for meksel&chill

    2. gig_freak


      Send castoms offerings, I need large spooon. @maitasun and @vickiespencer have best spoon size. I need that size. Thanking you. 

    3. maitasun


      Ohhh, nice! 😃 Me getting a big order!!! 😍❤️

      Zan kiu, sir. 🙇‍♀️

  10. Hey, Freak,

    Are you an alien 👽. Cuz aliens are freaks. Did you come here in a 🛸?

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    2. vickiespencer


      Did you get a hold of the book cover guy? 

    3. gig_freak


      I did, yeah!

    4. vickiespencer


      Good, and good luck. 

  11. I would agree up to a point, that if we have larger orders, or depending on how much the client spent at your own gigs, the fees are getting smaller for both you and your client. This is something that other platforms do have.
  12. There are sellers who get a few orders a month and earn more than those people who get 50+ orders a day. 😏
  13. The new MiBike is a great e-bike with an awesome pricetag.
  14. This is my transportation for the summer, spring, and autum. I do plan on getting a one made especially for hardcore offroad. But I’ll see. 🙂 The best vehicle This is my transportation during winter or rainy days: My limo
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