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  1. That order can be cancelled, as far as I know, asking the support fro help makes that happen. I have done this back around 2018.
  2. Share your gigs, do marketing. Get clicks, orders. These things keeps the gig alive.
  3. Her account was either deleted, or the messages we spam, no worries. Keep working. Have a great fiverr life.
  4. Welcome to the community. I have been here since 2017.Got levels twice and also lost it. Keep your streak up alive.
  5. Not much really, I suffered. Customer changing their requirements twice a day. Then he realized this is not the right niche for order. I lost my level badges. Still counting.
  6. Have patience please. It takes time to build a career.
  7. Good explanation. Helpful. Thanks
  8. Congratulations. Next evaluation is close. I am levelled too. Good luck. Wish me luck also.
  9. First sell is always the hardest part. Create a strong portfolio. Show it to the customers when sending buyer requests. I have completed 110+ orders. I am level 1 now. From my experience, I can tell, a portfolio will definitely help.
  10. Will it really work? The support team will check the messages anyway. After the report is made. They will pull the records from there. This is the first that ever happened. I have completed more than 110 orders. This is the first time happening so…
  11. Rude from the beginning of the order. Miserly budget. Ended up with a threat to report on fiverr.
  12. Just block them, you can block buyers, enough for you
  13. The client is the king here buddy. That’s what happens, they even take their money back from paypal. Sometimes a review by mistake. some rules are horrible, yet you got to stick to it. Nothing to do
  14. where did you get certification from? I don’t know anybody giving certification like that. However, good luck with sales
  15. one of my friends had that same issue, he couldn’t recover it. Still the same, CS told everything will be ok, but nothing became ok actually
  16. Data entry doesn’t require any certification or something. However, welcome to fiverr
  17. Share your gigs on social media. Try to find the people who will be in need of the service. Also send all 10 buyer request every day…
  18. Do not break the marketplace rules. Simple. Learn TOS first.
  19. Welcome. Video editing is quite a powerful niche. Expensive too. Hope you get great sales.
  20. Make as many sales as you can. And send all buyer requests each day. Good luck
  21. Create as many gigs as possible. Don’t wait. You will get sales, send all the buyer requests. Best of luck.
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