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At the moment on my gig I have 2 screenshots of websites I’ve built as my gig’s images. I haven’t got any orders yet, but I wanted to ask if it’s better to keep these 2 examples as my images or get more attractive or informative images instead? My gig is https://www.fiverr.com/evenprime/create-a-website-for-you-from-scratch .
I feel like I am good at what I do, I haven’t used any other gigs to copy content from, so i don’t know how to improve any more to get some sales!

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Guest uxreview

The best way to showcase your work is to build a couple of dummy sites where you can really show your skills. Creating a site for a client always comes with functionality, design and budget restrictions.

The websites you have in your portfolio aren’t really good so it doesn’t really matter how you represent them 😦
It could be because the client wanted the website this way or they simply had very limited budget. Either way it’s not showcasing your skill.

Let me give you a few examples what I mean

  • First the site doesn’t have SSL certificates.
  • It’s lacking on-page SEO
  • You’re using a free template that comes with WordPress. It’s one of the most limited and problematic themes out there. Making any custom design elements is a nightmare.
  • Color palette & typography is all over the place. It lacks consistency.
  • The website is not properly secured nor is it technically optimized.
  • The website is almost responsive, but it doesn’t provide a good experience on mobile devices.
  • The church is located in UK, so I assume it’s visited by EU residents (It’s not compliant with GDPR)

There are clients who know nothing about SEO, security nor UX standards. So I’m not saying you can’t land a client, but a customer who actually cares about their business won’t be impressed by that.

Even though there are a ton of mistakes on the site it doesn’t mean you can’t improve 🙂
That’s why I’m recommending upskilling.

If you really want to succeed as a WP developer or a consultant then right now I wouldn’t worry about your gigs here.

Instead pick a niche > upskill > create demos > revamp your gigs.

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