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  1. Thanks everyone for the brainstorming, endless rants and heated discussions 🙂 This forum has been feeding my procrastination for quite some time and I truly enjoyed it, but finally the time has come to let it go. I knew from the start that Fiverr is only a milestone not a finish line. About 6 months ago I paused my gigs, took the money I made here, invested it into my agency and decided to go after bigger clients outside of Fiverr. Fortunately my efforts paid off. I went from one man show to a team of 6, landed a few long term contracts and I’ve finally reached the point where it’s safe to say that I’m ready to set new goals. It has been a quite a ride and I gained a ton of experience here, but I guess what I will miss the most is this forum 😛 So my only advice for others is think bigger & hustle. Fiverr is a great place to get your feet wet as a freelancer, but don’t build your business on a rented ground. Think bigger and keep pushing yourself. Nothing lasts forever so try to stay ahead of the curve 😉
  2. Before you start promoting your gig you should make sure there’s something to promote. What makes your service better than your competitors?
  3. If OP asked him in the same manner he posted on the forum, it’s not that weird. Mhmh, could be. Fair point 🙂 If OP started with acquisition then seller probably didn’t care to explain.
  4. It is weird that a seller doesn’t explain why the samples have someone else’s logo on them, but I agree with the previous post. There can be a number of reasons why there’s someone else’s logo on them. For example, I do a lot of white label work, meaning I sell my designs to another development agency, but my contracts also say that I can showcase those designs in my portfolio. I don’t own those, but I kept the right to showcase them.
  5. Walk us through it 🙂 Buyer orders $5 gig, but expects work that is worth $45? When you requested cancellation what was his/her response for declining? PS. We can’t resolve your dispute either way, only CS can. However, if we knew more about it then maybe we can give you some tips on how to respond or how to avoid it in the future.
  6. Are you sure you’re even on the right platform for this type of work? I did a quick search on GIS maps and there are only 100+ gigs on it and only 8 people have made it to level 2. So even if you had most of the market here you wouldn’t make enough money. Most likely your target audience doesn’t come to Fiverr. You should figure out where your target audience is and go there. You should start with market research. I think you’ve skipped that step.
  7. That’s terrible advice. Every time you update a gig it will be taken off from the search results.
  8. You have to do your research. If you don’t have time for it or you don’t know how to do it then hire someone to do market research. You expect others to pay for your service, right? Why do you expect us to figure out business plan & marketing strategy for you for free? 🙂 If you don’t even know yourself why buyers should order from you, then how should buyers pick you out of thousands of gigs.
  9. Some gigs in your category do get daily orders. So what makes your gig special compared to those. Why should a customer choose you?
  10. I would like to add to what Hans said. If you’re taking your business seriously and you’re giving 100% every day then you shouldn’t even have time to worry about someone not making an order. I’m constantly so busy that I sometimes even forget that people asked for a proposal and didn’t follow through. People send me their requirements, I send them back a standard proposal and it’s up to them if they accept it or not. If I never hear back from them then so be it. I have plenty of other things to do. Don’t be this desperate & needy seller. Do something useful with your time - work on other orders, work on your gigs, learn something new. Instead of this thread you could have taken the time to fix grammar mistakes in your gig descriptions 😉
  11. You’re not ready to offer WordPress service. You don’t have the skills and your English is not good enough. Here’s what you can do Take some WordPress courses (Udemy, Treehouse, Darren Wilson)Sign up for English courses (Coursera)Get freelance advice from Troy Dean or Brad HusseyAnd once you have done all this you can give it another try.
  12. Your portfolio is not good enough. For example, you don’t even know how to spell website
  13. Don’t spend your money to leave a negative review. It’s not worth it. And I do like your idea of seeing cancellations, but these stats are available on other platforms. Pick a different platform.
  14. You might wish to rethink what kind of message are you sending to your potential buyers. Personally I would not hire a person that offers prank calls to do mystery shopping for my business. Not saying you can’t do both, but personally I prefer working with people who have outgrown prank calls 🙂 I’ve hired people before to test website usability, so I know a bit about it 🙂 When I checked your gig I noticed you’re lacking a few things There’s no sample report. You can upload a PDF file to show what kind of report you will be giving. You can do your report on a dummy website, doesn’t matter.Your gig description is lacking details. What exactly will you be testing or reviewing? Technical performance, usability, sales funnel conversion, visual design, security, ADA compliance - what? Listing only shopping cart example is not detailed enough.There are no specifics about what kind of tools or devices you’re using. Will you be using actual devices or emulators? Which browsers?Don’t bash non-natives. I’m not a native English speaker and my grammar is definitely not perfect, but it doesn’t mean I can’t audit a website.PS. I would skip the “studying in college” part altogether. If you’re targeting established businesses then I’d say they usually don’t go for newbies. They want someone with experience and “studying” usually indicates that you’re not there yet. Try to focus more on what you have done already rather than what you are doing or will accomplish in the future. A good example would be “I audited site X and thanks to my input the company improved website’s usability/performance or whatever by Y”.
  15. Try that 4-5 times and check if the results are the same. I’ve seen these one-off spikes even when I change 1-2 words in my gig description. Those words didn’t have impact to my stats. It was just that after an update algorithm decided to give me a boost. I’ve even received a boost when I lost my level. It doesn’t mean it’s a way to go 🙂
  16. I get that it is upsetting to see someone using your work, but this cover photo is simply not worth the time. Move on. Work on your projects and eventually the other seller will be gone anyway.
  17. Wait, so this entire thread is still ongoing because someone copied a cover photo that you can even create with paint? OP, how much time have you spent on it? I mean all the emails with CS and posting to this forum. Is it really worth it? Does that guarantee you sales or does the other seller improve their skills with it?
  18. You should continue reading the forum. All new sellers get a ranking boost at the beginning. If you’re worried about your sales then it’s not because of the ranking. You have 4.7 average and low quality gigs. PS. You’re developing freelancing marketplaces. Why don’t you create one for yourself with the matching system? You have an idea, you have the skills - go for it. 🙂
  19. The best win 🙂 All those toppers started from 0 sales. It is beneficial for sellers - well for good sellers.
  20. It’s more effective to use search page where you see multiple freelancers at once 😉
  21. How is this different from now? I go to search, I check profiles one by one and if I like it I’ll hire
  22. Look up the most successful seller in your category. Compare your gigs with theirs and take it from there.
  23. What is kind of answer do you prefer?
  24. You’ve listed actions that you are doing today and yet you’re here asking for help. Activity doesn’t guarantee results. Sharing is an activity. 3y old can hit the share button. If you really want tips then put some effort into your post. Try to explain what you do and how you do it rather than saying God has blessed me, now what? Then maybe we can point out where you can improve. Right now it’s like every 4th post here “Give me more orders”. How about this? Here’s what I’m doing right nowHere are my stats and resultsHere’s what I think might be the reason for poor performance. What do you think?Should I do X, Y or Z? What are your thoughts?etc. That way we can probably get you some construction criticism and maybe you can turn it into results.
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