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Getting a Warning and they won't tell me why


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So, I got a Fiverr warning and I have no clue why. Apparently, it’s a “general” warning and they tell me it’s not one that will demote me. So, after several attempts to ask why. I have one Fiverr Customer service rep that is giving me a vauge clue.

"Hi Will,

I am sorry to hear this. Yes, you have received a warning. Keep in mind that you cannot share (publicly post) information buyers provide to you.

Sellers confirm that whatever information they receive from the buyer, which is not public domain, shall not be used for any purpose whatsoever other than for the delivery of the work to the buyer.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind regards."

So, I’m really trying to guess what exactly happened here. I have had no messages from buyers complaining about me using anything from them. Let me explain what I mostly do. I do lots of impressions. Lots of Trump and Morgan Freeman Impressions. Anytime a buyer makes it clear that they don’t want me to use any of their audio order as an example to promote my gig and they make it clear that they don’t want me to publicly show it anywhere I honor that. Perfect example was a Trump app that wasn’t disclosed to the public yet.

Now as part of building my brand online, I will do lots of impressions, narrations, Audiobook readings, etc. online weather that be using youtube, twitter, facebook whatever. I will make videos of these showing examples of my work. Some of these are actual orders from fiverr, some are not.

I’m really trying hard to get my head around this, if this actually “is” what I was warned for from Fiverr. If it is, here’s the reality. From Top Rated Sellers all the way down to people just started out on Fiverr. There are scores of sellers showcasing their talents on social media, in addition to using actual samples of their work from Fiverr as Demos on their “public” website. Especially when it comes to voicework. There’s one video of a Top rated seller on youtube who demonstrates to you how long it takes to complete Fiverr orders and he does like 8 of them in 20 minutes demonstrating how he does it.

If this is the case that this is what I’m actually being warned about, It means I have to go through my entire twitter feed and facebook videos and delete a lot.

It really makes wonder what is going on. If this is coming from a buyer, I have no problem honoring their request. I highly doubt it is though. Fiverr hasn’t even told me that it is coming from a Buyer or giving me any specifics whatsoever. I’m less then a 1,000 away from being a top rated seller. This type of warning from Fiverr makes me wonder if there is someone at Fiverr who really does not want me to be a top rated seller for whatever personal reason. That is a wild conspiracy for sure. I really hope I’m completely wrong on this…

But seriously. What is the policy? How many Youtube videos are out there of Fiverr sellers showcasing their gigs with actual audio orders? There are tons of them and they are providing samples of their Fiverr orders.

Are there Fiverr Representatives searching through Sellers social media feeds determining if they are violating any terms of service?

I’m continuing to search for answers but so far they have been very vague.

I need clarification on this policy and what it means. If it means I have to delete my social media feeds I’ll do it. Please let me know.

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What you could do is, if you want to use their audio (audio work you did for them) in demos is ask before you do it, and don’t do it without their permission. That way you shouldn’t get in trouble. Only use the audio in demos that has permission. Or you could make up audio (ie. not done for a buyer) and use that in demos.

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We don’t have the answer either. It might be someone complained that you posted what you did for them somewhere but that’s just a guess. Since it is not harming your account you can try to put it behind you as it’s not likely you will ever know the exact reason.

Thanks Miss Crystal…That …is …the plan 🙂

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