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  1. @rachelbostwick thank you! I appreciate the encouragement 🙂
  2. I have several students who have followed the old methods of optimizing their gigs and it still works. I could give you a couple of examples. However, when you take a hit like I did there will be consequences. Don't give up. It takes a while to get traction. To be honest guys now that I'm full time. I just love being busy. Good news is I've got a good number of repeat buyers who are keeping me a float plus on top of that my political consultant has gotten me steady work. Oh by the way @newsmikeI've run across some political commercials you've voiced for 2020. We have overlapped some of the same circles and Super Pacs and consultant contacts so to speak hahah :) . Thanks for the advice...and @smashradioI've followed you quite a bit on the forum. You always have great info to give out. Thanks for the encouragement!
  3. Put in request for seller plus. I'm on a waiting list
  4. I'm doing promoted gigs. But, what's seller plus?
  5. So, perhaps Vacation Mode would of been the lesser of two evils instead of just letting people know I'm in the hospital for 2 weeks with Covid. Because, that hurt me a lot. I ended up being late on several orders and had to cancel a few. Plus, a couple of buyers canceled themselves. I told them about my Covid situation, they were sympathetic but business is business and they had to cancel. 3 days pass by....where is this dude? I can't blame them. Still thankful I still have my Top Rated Seller Status. Went down low but not toooo low. Here's where I started Inbox Response Rate 100% Order Response Rate 100% Delivered On Time 100% Order Completion Rate 100% Here's where I ended up Inbox response rate 97% Order Response Rate 98% Delivered on time 96% Order Completion 93% Yikes! Here's how it affected my work. I've been trying to get my Audiobook Narration gig off the ground. It won't show in any search with the keyword "Audiobook" I've added over Twenty 5 Star Reviews to this gig. Recently added a couple of 100 dollar orders. In the past, that would take that gig to the front of the page easily. Not this time, Based on what I'm reading in forums like this and everywhere else...I'm probably going to be in the doghouse for at least the next 60 days or so.... Any advice 🙂 Will Stauff
  6. But that’s simply not true. A quick search through Top Rated Sellers and I found several who offer gigs at that price point. (And it’s perhaps best to let old threads rest in peace.) 💀 Fiverr Success coaches have advised Level 2 people that 5 and 10 dollar gig prices can hold you back from Top Rated Seller Status. After Achieving TRS you can always go back to 5 or 10 dollar pricing. It’s one contributing factor that keeps people from TRS status. There have been a few exceptions with Top Earners but if you haven’t earned TRS status yet and are qualified, Having a 5 or 10 dollar gig may be one factor holding you back. This has been true for me in the Voice Over Niche. Can’t speak for every single Niche or category out there though.
  7. Anyone know the status of Early Payout? Had used it for a while. Recently not seeing it anymore. Has Fiverr Removed it.
  8. They won’t accept you as TRS with 5 dollar and 10 dollar gigs. You should switch those up to at least 15 or 20.
  9. So help me out with this…Early Payout Feature was for all 5 star reviews at one point. I’m noticing i’m getting orders with no reviews and now I’m still getting the early payout feature on those orders!!! Am I correct on this? If that’s the case how cool is that!!!
  10. I’m been on fiverr for close to 3 years. Top Rated Seller now. Welcome to the journey 🙂 I’m wondering if they are more concerned over the “videos” then they are the audio. Who knows.
  11. Went to adjust my video gig. It was showing up wonky in my search engines. I’m a Voice Over artist. Many Voice Over people have gone to places like ISPOTTV and used the videos from national brands to voice over…for example my Demo had Home Depot, Cracker Barrel and a couple of other noteable ads. In the VO world it’s considered fair use and widely accepted. I and many others have had demos like this for our video Demo on Fiverr. I just got a deadly “Modify your gig” message from Fiverr and this. crackdown804×611 63.6 KBSo it looks like I’m going to have to redo my Video. Don’t like it but I got to do what I got to do 🙂 My questions. Is this a fairly new policy or has this been around for a while? Thanks for the feedback in advance. Will
  12. Feels good doesn’t it? It’s a life changer 🙂
  13. Yesterday it was monday…I thought Fiverr passed me over again for TRS…then I noticed my phone tells me I’m a top rated seller. Started shaking and tear-ing up. Took me 2 years and 8 months to get it. What an incredible journey. Fiverr has completely changed my life and my finances. It’s been a life changing experience and I’m continuing to grow and learn new things each and every day. Thank you so much Fiverr and thank you so much to the people in this forum who have helped and even put up with my frustrations along the way as well. Super blessed to be here! Thanks 🙂
  14. You edit videos and you don’t have an actual video for your gig profile? For starters you need a video.
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