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Best way to do a multiple order



Hi, I have a customer who has bought from me before. They have come back to me with an order that consists of a lot of separate projects.
We have Un officially agreed on a price but no Gig has been sent yet. I have altrady stared work on one of the first projects.
Is it more beneficial for my gig t do them all as separate gigs to raise to raise the completion rate of my gig, whilst still keeping the agreed price. Or is it better to agree a milestone. I will obviously deliver the best work regardless but I wanted to try and incoperate it so it benefits my Gig as well?

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Obviously, a $20 order has much better impact than a $5 order. If you have 10 projects, try to combine them like this, 3+3+4. In this way, you will have 3 orders and your avg. selling price will also increase.

I never actually thought of that, about dividing it between 3, thank you!!

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yes right Combine and get confused and end up mixing things.

Make sure you make a separate order for every job,

you will not mix (confuse) b/w the orders

you will get more reviews

your gig will boost more with the number of sales rather than one big sale

There is no confusion in combining the projects. When you send a custom offer, just mention it in the order description: Here is an offer for projectname1, projectname2 and projectname3 and so on.

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Dividing an order is a good way to increase your order volume as well. But make sure you discuss with buyer first. each transaction has a fee so you should consider about that too…It is same for you but not for Buyers I think…

May be you can offer a little discount to encourage buyer to do that! 😀

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