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  1. I used OOO last year in September 2019. and dropped from 200 sales a month to 20, and still try to get back on track.
  2. I think you are right Like they used to have in Ebay ( have not used the site for a long time now, so Don’t know if it is still like that). E.g. The current bid on item is .35 Seller A bid for $2, it will show the highest bid as .36 not 2 if seller C bid for .39, still the seller A will win but will be charged .40 this time as the other highest bid is .39 I don’t have this feature as of now…
  3. Sorry for the bad experience, I am not sure why you cancelled it but I never let a customer unsatisfied. There is always a way unless the buyer, made there mind of getting it for free.
  4. it should not be the case, if you cancel a GIG if $5, you get $5 refund. Since you already paid the service charge on $5, you should be able to buy again for the same $5, if you are buying the gig for $10 then you will be charged on $5 again
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