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How’s your June selling so far?


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No sales for two months now after years of having a successful gig. I don’t know what is happening here.

If you frequently edited your Gig and notice unusually low impressions, getting only repeat customers etc…it might be that your Gig disappeared from search. I read that some of the folks here have had the same issue. Years long Gigs lost sales. If that’s the case, you need to contact CS to check with them

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@insects44 thanks for the post for newbie.

Since I’m considered as a old seller here, I realised we only able to control 50% to getting orders.

The other half depend on ‘luck’, which included:

  • fiverr marketing your gig category.
  • seasonal sales
  • fiverr system changes
  • gig ranking & displayd depends on fiverr editorial mood

That’s why sometime we get loads of orders, sometimes zero.

Absolutely correct!!

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It’s a third week of June. In First week I received no orders. Second week was perfect new clients and good orders. Third Week is below average, old clients and low budgeted orders. I don’t know what’s the matter. But hope that last week of June will be good. :roll_eyes:

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I started selling on Fiverr back in April, got 10 orders until now 🙂

The last 4 weeks have been really good to me, but it has been a couple days now with no sales :frowning_face:

Some people tell me that this happens sometimes, it’s the freelancing life, but try to tell that to my anxiety 😬

But I am still hopeful that better times will come, is just that this is my first “drought” after a really good period.

Oh well, lets see what the rest of the month brings…

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There is always period of slow or no sales in every business. Although it is disturbing to experience that moment, keep hope alive for you never can tell if a buyer is about to hit the order button on your gig.

Thank you man, It is really just a mix of anxiety and being new at this.

I mean, If I managed to land a few jobs back then when I had no experience, I am pretty sure I can do it again now that I have some good reviews to show right?

Plus, I am not really jobless, I am working on a long-term project ( 114000 words to translate) that will last a couple months, so…


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